#Washington #DC Comfort Zone

Waiting is an ordeal. But getting there is worth the wait. No matter how prepared I am I always forget something ‘vital’ behind. This time, even though they were right beside my suitcase as I packed, I forget to toss in my sleep duds. Even drove five minute to the airport when I realized I hadn’t packed my camera to computer cable – yikes. Now that is vital. In fact in my carry on I had all those vital recharger cables for cell phone, camera, Kindle, AirMac, iPod -as well as those necessary things.

Was travel ever simple? Now I can’t leave the house for a walk without making sure I have my iPod, phone, camera, coffee cards – no just pulling a jacket to go for a walk. What do nudists do?

dcw01 washgington

view from my DC window

It’s been some years since I flown to the USA so some of the routine was new to me. US Airways staff was very helpful with the automated check in. $25 for each non-carry on bag though. Glad I had only one suitcase – that weighed in at 40lbs. All the theory stuff went smoothly, no come this way Sir as they made me explain my vitamins.


do I want to ride or be ridden?

Flight was smooth, if cramped – a regional puddle jumper with very tight seats. But the flight was just over an hour, not even time for them to give us an energy bar. Finding my luggage at Reagan was a bit tricky – it would have helpful to know which of the carousels it was being unloaded to. SuperShuttle was easy to find, a bit of a wait. Man was I glad to get to the Churchill.

dcw03 washington

another window view

My room is huge, big as a one bedroom. Staff were helpful. I got out for a walk con I unpacked. Bought a few grocery items for breakfasting in my room. The one meal of the day I have to have by myself. Slept okay & am now ready for my first real day in Washington.


Maybe I’ll read this at Gush Friday night:

Comfort Zone

this is pushing me

out of my comfort zone

past my bed time

out of my house

trying something new

and old

at the same time

the same old thing

with a new face

the same old action

with a new dick

to me

within walking distance

to him

too far to walk

phones numbers exchanged

not even sure it’s a working number

till I get near

give that ‘i’m near your corner’ call

he’s waiting on the porch

shushed to be quiet

as we go into the dim house

TV in another room flickering

street light

the only real light

so no real look at his face

cocks played with

as he gets his dogs settled down

poppers out & offered

but that’s not my scene

my scene is between his legs

freshly washed is always welcome

his dick hard cut

not long enough to gag on

by turns

we go down on each other

no place to lie down

he sits

directs with squeeze

doesn’t want to come too soon

wants to enjoy his poppers longer

we switch positions

but his need for poppers

distracts my dick

I’m not going to come

without consistent attention

we switch again

he shoots

I dress

resist saying ‘call me sometime’

this was too anon

for me care if there’s another time

on the street I delete his number

as I head into the night

back to my comfort zone



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