#Vulnerability in #DC

I realized I’m a ‘bad’ tourist – the last thing I want to do it take a picture of the White House, or any of the other sites I’ve seen hundred of pics of – oh look the Washington Monument is jutting out between his legs – so on my 2nd day I did my one, & somewhat accidentally, walking tour.


I set out for 14th St. to check out the DC Centre. Google maps said it was about 20 minutes walking. Turns out it took an hour! Time well spent though as I ended up in Columbia Hights by the time I got to 14th. I took lot of pics, saw an amazing number of hot hot hot latino men – turns out part of this stretch was very Latino – even had a Latino Youth Club etc. I head south & evenly all got to U St. where the Centre is. Dropped in, then as I am want to do, headed back taking a zig-zag route up to the cross street that took me there. More pics. Dropped into a supermarket for bananas, kiwis etc. It was run by more of those great Latino men – some of whom were flirting with the cute female clerk. I certainly wanting to bag more than bananas.


Got back to the hotel – two hours of walking there & back. uploaded pics & posted them. Then out again. Guess what – I found a laneway 🙂 took pics & let that lead me to a a different set of streets – more pictures taken, of course. Looking for a place for a bit to eat & had a tasty pizza slice before retuning to the hotel to meditate, checked my email & even slept a bit.


Oh about that long morning walk – I took a wrong turn at a corner where two streets forked – I took the wrong one which turned out to be exactly what I needed 🙂 Plus I was able to use my Canadian Starbuck’s Gold card here.


Maybe I’ll do this piece when I’m sacrificed to slam:


there are men in this room

I could fall in love with

I don’t know their names

but enjoy the careless heft

as they shuffle with drinks

sit and put protective arms

around girlfriends

who they look to for support

when they sidle up to the stage

to read a poem

sing a song

dedicated to the woman they love

to her with the pony tail hair

by that point

I don’t give a crap about love

it’s all futile

as least I know that

I’m not trapped in the illusion

that darts from his eyes to hers

my mind wanders

seeking something else to escape to

since there are no men

in this room I can fall in love with

it’s not love them I’m after

affection is fleeting

sexual fantasy is forever

when those pony tailed gals move on

those broken hearted guys

will miss the nookie

not the spiritual context

their words sing about

this comes across as sort of bitter

me not getting what I want

– sexual fantasy based on experience

I’m taking it for granted

that those pony tailed gals

are part of those guys experience

that opens their vulnerable hearts

to let those words out

words that for a moment

have a receptive target

I make my way to this spot light

let my words out to a room of strangers

any of who could fall in love with me

but none of whom can make me

more vulnerable than I am

right at this moment



Like my pictures? I post lots on Tumblr


Like my pictures? I post lots on Tumblr


loyalist mural


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