One Hard Dick


one hard dick

can be worth a hundred thousand words

one firm ready randy prick

is worth it’s weight in hold me tight

so stroke me suck me all night

make me happy and sore

make me dream of more

then come back

to do it again and again

the slow and gradual

works best for me

too fast and its over

and when its over its over

so the longer we make things last

the more time to enjoy

the feel of foreskin

the slick of pre-come

the small groan

the first taste

the mouth full fullness

wallow in the weight of cock

heavy on tongue

aching of jaw

a sudden full stop

to embrace

snuggle and soft

boneless shapeless

sagged into each other

belly buttons at eye level

let the flesh flag

to let the building build even more

before we dive back down

to do that suck suck thing again

each wanting the other

to be the first to shoot

one good fuck

is worth years of therapy

one solid kiss

makes the morning brighter

makes the pain less

can take away

the misery of a life time

for a few hours

can put a smile

on any part of my body it wants

can make me dance and hum


testicle booties

This is another older piece. I wrote it way back in the early 2000’s before I started hitting open stages. I remember workshopping it in a gay writers group & being told it sounded more like sex addiction than sex cure. But how many times have you thought, of some uptight person – all he/she needs is a good fuck?


good head pillow

There is also a psychological theory that bad sex is better than no sex at all – it’s all about the need to be touched. By bad sex I don’t mean abusively bad sex. I’ve also read that many of us grew up with not only body shame, but an even deeper shame of our private parts – that’s why we keep them hidden, those naughty bits. For some, the thought being seen naked is so shaming sex happens in the dark. I for one like see what I’m … eating.


grease me up first

The piece is also meant to be a celebration of sex itself – an ode to joy, if you will, or rather an ode of ‘enjoy it, please.’ There are so much cultural baggage around pleasure of any kind, let alone sexual pleasure, one gets slut shamed for saying they enjoy sex. Not that I think good sex can solve the world’s problems but I’d rather see the powers that be fucking each other than fucking up our lives by thinking slut shaming is a positive action.


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dirty diary

2 thoughts on “One Hard Dick

  1. A perfect poem to celebrate the middle of the week! Nice work, my friend! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. The beginning of this post reminded me of my older post, Xrotica. Sexy, steamy erotica without using the letter “e”. Sure made it hard (to write ) 😉

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