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The writing brought to the workshop at Loyalist is always strong and covers an amazing stretch of ideas, genres & style. Rosemary Aubert manages to navigate the questions, the need to convey more while keep things progressing to fit the time available. If I ever facilitate a workshop of this length I hope I can do half as well 🙂


my look day 3

This year, so far, we’ve looked at pieces about bank robbers hitting a bank as it was being robbed by another gang; a mother & daughter fleeing from what & into a world of visions; a forensic photo expert seeing new things in his past; a teenage girl secretly trying to keep her sisters from getting pregnant; a mother finding out her teenage daughter was pregnant; storage locker buyers finding a body in the treasures; cyber murder; breaking up.


my look day 2

Discussions about POV, narrative intent, minor characters, major minor characters, foils, and entanglement that each could have taken a day were inspiring, instructive & some frustrating because we had so much to contribute.


even the parking lot offered a writing tool

There just wasn’t enough time in a day to get any deeper into things & we were always mentally exhausted by the time 4 o’clock rolled around. Exhausted & satiated while still wanting more.

perfect nano sample

here’s the second part of the Picture Perfect section I excerpted to submit:


Dan got off his bike to wheel it up the laneway behind the row of shops that included James Family Photo. No drunks back there this morning he was glad to see. His Dad had bought the corner building lot of stores shortly after their move to Toronto. They’d lived in one of the second-story apartments until his sister got married and moved out.

In the mid-80’s the Queen/River area wasn’t considered prime but over the years it had become very prime. So prime, his sister felt it was time to sell while he was unwilling to let go of real-estate.

He unlocked the rear security gate, pushed it open, locked it behind him again, double checked to make sure it was in fact locked. Some morning she had forgotten to make it secure and would come out to find a drunk or two sprawled in the back space behind the store.

He then unlocked the actual back door to their part of the building, chained his bike to the railing of the back stairway that lead up to the second and third floors. Stairs only used by himself and sometimes Sandy, his shop assistant. Both floors could be accessed by the public entrance. Double checking his bike he unlocked the rear door to his downstairs shop.

Over the years the amount of security needed had increased. What took his Dad a few minute now took nearly twenty. He turned off the security alarm but made sure it was still set to go off if anyone came to the back via the laneway. Surveillance cameras covered the front, the back, and even the roof. The roof cams were good for keeping an eye on racoons.

He turned the lights on for the shop. It took a few moments for them to light the various display stands, racks and street front. He always enjoyed the flicker to life of the business. No, as long as he could afford it, James Family Photography would be centred here and not at the FairVista Mall.

He unlocked the front door from the inside and stepped out to Queen Street. The Classic Carafe Cafe in the corner spot of the building had been opened for a a couple of hours. He was still a bit amazed that selling coffee and cookies was a viable business.

“Morning, landlord.” Jill Haverly, owner of the Classic stepped out with a coffee and muffin for him.

“Do you stand at your window waiting for me to show up?” Dan asked.

“Don’t have to. Your vibration is felt when you are five minutes from here.” she laughed.

“French vanilla?”

“Just for you. Was reading about you in the Globe the other day.” Jill said.

“Yeah. Hope it’s good for business.” Dan sipped his coffee. Since leasing the corner spot to her five years ago Jill had made sure Dan had a fresh morning coffee. If he didn’t step out, she’d send a couple of mugs over for him and his shop clerks.

“I didn’t realize you were so i.technically inclined. I took you for just another wedding photographer.” Jill said.

“That’s my sister’s end of things. The end that brings in the money. Weddings, babies and now pets.”

“Morning boss.”

A short, heavy-set woman stopped to talk with them. Jill slipped into the Classic.

“Late night Sandy?”

“No more than usual, bossman.”

Sandy Reynolds had worked for J F P for several years now. What she didn’t know about cameras wasn’t worth knowing.

“You kick start the shop?” she asked.

“For the most part. You can fire up the net.”

“This’ll help.” Jill came back out with an espresso for Sandy. “Extra slow.”

Sandy tossed it back in one gulp. “Thanks I needed that. See you inside.”

“I’ll be in in a few minutes,” Dan saw Cliff Silver arriving to open up the Oil on Silver Gallery that occupied the other retail space in the building.

“Thanks Jill. See you for lunch.”

“The usual will be ready. Tell Cliff I’ll send Peter over with his morning booster, if he promises not to offer him a job.”

“You still sore about losing Steve to him?” Dan handed his mug back to her.

“Just joking. Better commissions on art than gluten free muffins.”

“Morning Cliff.”

“That it is.” Cliff gave Dan a quick kiss on the cheek. “DeVida?”

Cliff prided himself on not only have a nose for art but one for scent.

“Yes. You like?”

“I like a man who smells good.” Cliff laughed. “Good enough to eat.”

“Maybe later. How did the Ocean opening go on the weekend?” he followed Cliff into the gallery.

“Tsunami, baby, tsunami. Sold nearly everything within the first hour.”

One wall of the gallery was hung with four different sized paintings of waves; each a different season and diffusing different light patterns. All by the same artist.

“I wasn’t sure about these; the sea seasons, but they went first, in fact.”

“Not sure?” Dan asked.

“Yeah Halakia insisted, and rightly so, they go as a set. Eighty grand seemed likes a lot of money, even to me, but fuck they were gone so fast I could have had an auction for them and gotten twice that easily. Live and learn.”

“I didn’t think there was much for you to learn?”

Silver’s Gallery was the one original shop in the building. It had been there for ten years already when his father bought the space. Like Dan, Cliff had inherited the family business.

“Now to see if I can firm up the offers for this now.” He gestured to a large canvas that took up most of the other side wall. “Most apartments aren’t big enough for something this size.”

“How do you even paint something that large?”

“One brush stroke at a time.”

Peter, from Classic came in with a coffee and bagel. He stood expectantly in the centre of the space.

“I’ll leave you to it then Cliff. Oh by the way, Peter is off limits. That is if you value your caffeine.”

Dan went into his shop. Sandy was, as always dusting the shelves. She claimed it looked good to be busy when a customer enters.

“The estate in shape?” she asked.

“As always.”

“Globe was good to you?”

“Yeah, well, I’d rather keep a lower profile about that sort of thing.”

“Helping to bust up a child porn network isn’t a bad sort of thing.”

“Not the sort of business I want to develop.” Dan had worked on a case of a man who was posting sexually explicit pictures of a child he claimed to be his daughter from various hotels in the States. The acts were clear but backgrounds had been photoshopped into blurs. Dan was able to reverse that blur and traced the photos to an actual hotel and from there to the man.

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June 21-26 – attending – Rosemary Aubert’s Workshop: The Novelist’s Selfie – Loyalist – Belleville https://www.facebook.com/events/965611026782246/

( nearly over 🙂 I’m doing one more presentations)


June 26, Friday, 10:00 pm – feature – Pride 2015 Erotic Cabaret – Glad Day Bookstore, 598a Yonge St., Toronto



June 27, Saturday – 9:00-  Feature along with Alissa Vox Raw, Neil Traynor:  Hot Summer Nights at Hirut, Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Ave., Toronto



September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


( I’ve registered already 🙂 )


October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice


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the workshop is certainly no picnic

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