Scary Monsters

Mid-career Bowie reinvents his look to the Thin White Duke or some such. The stand-alone’s: Young Americans: friend of mine loved this & I enjoyed a few tracks but this was more treading water than Bowie breaking new territory as he did in Station to Station. On Station he is working with Brian Eno – they did several lps together i.e. Low, Heroes which I find too noodle-some – looped & aimless treading water in a slightly more interesting way. Low key Prog Rock.

car01conflicting van doors of fashion

He shifts gears again into Disco Bowie in Scary Monsters – Fashion is a great song. He gets even more dance with Let’s Dance he tries a somewhat more rocker sound with Blue Jeans. But I lost interest him by then. He wasn’t pushing any envelopes creatively or even image wise. Did he have an affair with Mick Jagger? By this time, who cares.


barbed & dangerous

I picked up his most recent, The Next Day, to see where he was today. Solid if a bit generic, new pieces that span the many styles he has used in the past. Sweet & comfortable.


same van going though ch ch ch changes

Next Day is on a mp3 collection that includes a couple of lps by local group blueVenus: fun fresh violin driven pop that is hugely recommended. Calvin Harris: 18 Months – excellent electro dance music. DaftPunk: Random Access Memories: I love Daft Punk & this is an amazing album. Electric Jon: Modern Living: another local performer with a wild energized, genre defying album. Justin Timberlake: the 20/20 Experience – what a bore this turned out to be. JbDubs: Oink – scary queer music that Bowie never had the guts to make.



‘I’m getting out of here. You coming or staying?’ I waited for what seemed like forever before asking again. ‘You coming or staying?’

‘There’s no hurry,’ came the languid reply.

‘I think we have been here too long as it is it. We’ll be spotted if we stay much longer.’

‘Better to be spotted than striped.’

‘This is no time to making jokes.’

‘Can’t think of a better time, old chum. Here we sit in the face of possible death. Better to go out with a laugh than a scream.’

‘Better not to go out at all.’

‘I though you wanted to get out of here?’

‘Don’t twist my words. You know we have to leave as team. C’tral Station mandates that.’

‘Quite wise if you ask me. Very wise. Extremely wise.’

‘Not from the look of it here.’

‘Here! Here? You mean the balance between my willingness to take it slow, to to see things through as opposed to your desire to dash, to run, to avoid knowledge if it involves the least bit of risk.’

‘Yes. Here. I’d think that after losing both your hands in Quadrant PV last month you might have learned a bit more caution.’

‘Oh that. These? Hands are a dime a dozen, as they used to say.’

‘Nothing replaces the sensation of real hands.’

‘Oh! There you go again, flaunting your human superiority. I must say that fact that you are one of the few remaining fully intact humans in the squadron doesn’t give you any more or less rights. Stop being so sanctimonious.’

There was a red flare that flooded the air around them.

‘Ahh we can go now. We have exactly sixteen minutes to get beyond the Ripple.’

I headed to the Timeslip module that would take us out of there. Each heartbeat was minutes ticking away. We clambered in.

‘Why do you always do that. Leave things for the last possible moment.’

‘Its the only way to be sure.’


‘Yes. Without visual contact of the actual nuucburst my optic scanners have nothing to analyze.’

The Timeslip lifted into the air.

‘Set a course for …’

‘Now don’t start that either. The Slip already knows the course.’

‘I know but I thought as a human you might find comfort in hearing the same old same old.’

‘The only same old I want to hear next is my feet on solid ground.’

As the Slip sped into the air I could feel the Ripple pass underneath us.

‘That was very close. My calculations were wrong.’

‘No, we still have two minutes to spare.’


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