Funky Black Organs

Hey lets get retro & super funky with some Booker T. & the M.G’s. My stand alone’s are Best of 1, Melting Pot, Best of 2. Plus the anthology: Time is Tight (an mp3 collection) which is supposedly the complete but didn’t include the ultra fantastic Christmas Album, so I’m not sure how complete it is 🙂


leaning out for love

I once had the Best of 1 as a cassette – Hang’Em High is sweet fun. The CD is inclusive what was on the cassette with more. Best of 2 has more of the earlier hits: Green Onions etc. These are instrumentals that were copied in hundred of films as parody or homage to the swinging hip youth of the time. Though I don’t think B.T & M.G’s ever did a film soundtrack.


pole wrapped in love

Melting Pop is their masterpiece – it slips from soul-pop to funk to jazz with such ease you may not even notice it. Amazing wordless chorus work is layered in on some cuts. Long & almost leisurely I hear the clear connection between Booker &, of all groups, Pink Floyd – spacey organ & guitar drifting. This is an lp I wore out & was eager to replace as CD. I first heard it on the east coast thanks to a hot married man I had had a crush on (he never came across but did enjoy catching my eye and adjusting himself.)


drowned by love

The anthology collection is great too, all the hits I have on the stand alones are there. The sound is jazzy, soulful, funky, if at times a bit kitchy – those covers of pop hits i.e. Mrs. Robinson don’t come across as genuine. I was already a fan of Jimmy Smith by then so it was easy to go from Smith’s jazzy sound to Booker’s. Smith also got stuck doing covers of pop songs. How to sell jazz in the 60’s was a puzzlement.



‘Did a kid about five foot nothing, in ragged shorts and a blood spattered T-shirt run past here in the past few minutes?’


‘Is there any other way out the plaza?’ Sgt. McLland asked.


‘Then he must have come this way.’

‘Then why ask?’

‘If this is the only way he must have passed you.’

‘No. I wasn’t here. I just got here myself. Does that answer your question.’


‘Perhaps he went into the church.’

‘Church?’ Sgt. McLland asked.

The plaza was surrounded by dull office buildings.

‘Yes, a modern miracle. Looks like just another office building in the square but it is a church. L’Eglesa de Madrea Gaudalope. He may have gone in there to light a candle.

‘Thank you. Which is the church?’

‘All doors lead to the same place.’

Sgt. McLland pushed the door of the nondescript building open. It moved with a long slow creak. If someone had come in here he would have heard that. The building was a shell, inside was a single room several stories high. He was nearly blinded by the light that flooded in from all sides.

At the far end of the room was an alter with a vast crucifix suspended over it. Each of his footsteps echoed in the dusty stillness. He could hear his own breath.

A flight of sparrows startled him. He turned around and Jaspito stood, wide eyed, clutching a tall thin white candle. The wax dripped over his hand, some had splashed on to his ragged shorts.

‘I have done nothing. The Virgin she will tell you.’

In the air between them the Virgin appeared in a long pale blue shift that tapered into a mist.

‘Be gentle with the child. He is guilty but if I forgive you must forgive as well.’

‘I did nothing Virgin. I did nothing.’

The apparition turned to Jaspito. ‘My son this nothing to you is a great sin to me, to others. If you do not see that then there is no hope for your salvation. I cannot protect you.’

‘Sacred Mother I did no harm. Please. Why do you not believe me.’

McLland stepped past the apparition and put his around arm the boy.

‘I will take care of him Mother.’

‘No it is too late. He came for my sacred protection.’ her hands reached out to him.

As Jaspito rose into the air he began to tremble, the melted wax flicked down on McLland.



September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


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October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice


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