Parkening to Segovia

Hitting more guitar on my classical shelf – Christopher Parkening: tribute to Segovia. Parkening plays pieces written for or by Segovia – crisp playing well-recorded. Not sure why though: it’s not as if the pieces are re-interpreted in a major way but the guitar sound is different from the Segovia recordings.


fan gone to pieces

Then the man himself Andres Segovia with: The Segovia Collection Vol 1: an all Bach program – includes transcriptions of Bach violin, cello partitas; Vol. 5: 5 centuries of Spanish Guitar music: Milan, Sanz, Sor & more; Vol. 8: works by Castelnuovo-Tedesco Music For Guitar; Bach; Milan.

A pair of Lp to cd transfers of Music for Guitar/On Stage/Mexicana/Unique Art. Plus another Lp to cd transfer of Rodrigo Riera: Renaissance Guitar; Betho Davezac: Elizabethan Guitar.



The transferred lps go back to my east coast days & represent my growing enjoyment of classical music – I loved solo guitar – some of the pieces lead me to more by those composers. Segovia also does some sweet versions of Debussy & Mussorgsky. These were perfect for hang-over mornings.

The Segovia collection CD came much later, sometime in 1999 in fact as I rounded out the collection & before I state din on the lp to cd transfers. I bought them from the BMG record club (remember record clubs?)


pink or magenta

Rodrigo Riera: Renaissance Guitar – I picked this lp up cheap – 1.99 & enjoyed in enough to do the lp cd transfer. It’s another I dragged from the east coast. I remember some of my friends at the time being less than pleased with the sound of the strings – one could hear, at points, fingers sliding along the metal wrapped strings. I didn’t care.


On Time

Stacy swung for the screaming alarm, missed it and fell on to the cold hardwood floor. As she landed she recalled that she had placed the clock on the far side of the room to make sure she actually out of bed. Today was one day she didn’t want to be late. No, she couldn’t be late. Didn’t want to be late. She had to be on time and nothing would hold her back.

Her clothes were already laid out, in the kitchen her cereal was already in the bowl. A few less things to worry about, less things to hold her back, to keep her from being on time. She had sworn to herself that at least one day this month she would get to work on time and this would be the day. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would detain her any longer than necessary.

She turned the water on in the shower to get hot while she used the toilet. She’d flush once she’d showered. Save time. That was the key – save time. She got into the shower. It was the perfect temperature. She’d had her hair cut shorter the day before. Less time to wash it, and best of all less time to dry it. That would save at least an hour she had joked with her hair dresser.

She stepped out of the shower and could smell coffee perking in the kitchen. Perfect. Another time saver paying off. If only it would pour the coffee for her. Hmm that’s a thought, she only drank one cup in the morning & it wasn’t impossible to to do just that – put her cup under the drip. Yes she’d have to try that tomorrow. Tomorrow she’s be early. Yea!!

She ate her toast, drank her coffee, had her cereal while wearing her bathrobe. No spills on her fresh laundered clothes were going to slow her down anymore. She could stop wearing brown at last!!

The radio said traffic was flowing at a good rate. She didn’t drive but always felt that if the traffic was snarled even her walk to work would be slowed down.

Every sign pointed to getting there on time. When was the last time she had arrived on time? To be honest she couldn’t remember. For the first few months she had been prompt to make a good impression but after that time just ticked away in the morning. Little things that had to attended kept getting in the way.

It seemed no matter how early she got up she would be 10 to 20 minutes late for work. No one said anything and most days she’d work through lunch to make up. But working through lunch had meant not getting to know her co-workers better. She was regarded as aloof and that wasn’t what she wanted at all. She wanted friends, co-workers to chat with but when she missed their lunch conversations, their early morning catch-ups she was cutting out that life line, that context. She had become just another dim figure answering phones, getting files, bumping along and apologizing to people she didn’t know.

Today all that would change. Stacy would be on time. Perhaps even early. My God! She was ready and she had thirty minutes to spare. Thirty minutes. Perhaps she could catch some of the morning show on TV, see what the weather was going to be like outside while she sat inside all day squinting at computer monitors, worrying if the ultraviolet light was harming her peripheral vision. She’d seen that in a 20/20 report on office hazards.

Rushing to be on time topped her list of hazards.

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