The Physicists is a ‘comedy’ of ideologies as opposed to one of clever word play or physical pratfalls. Originally produced in 1962, the cold war sensibility remains strong, so strong that the attempts to update it with references to nano-technology seemed forced.


making tracks at 1001 Queen W

I enjoyed the levels of distrust, of identity & systems of control. Three men pretending to be someone they are not, two of them, in fact, pretending to be someone pretending to be someone they are not – all, naturally, confined to an asylum. One of them says something to the effect that this is the one place he is safe to be who he is.


making more tracks at 1001 Queen W

Murders happen, levels of identity are revealed, power changes hands with each line of dialogue at some points. In the end it turns out that the power rests not in spiritual values, political ideology but in the hands of the corporation – in this case – she who has the most money has the final say.


tracks made at 1001 Queen W during a brain rental

The ensemble cast is tight, they play off each other well, handle the science talk with ease and even sound as if they understand the theories. It was great to see Seana McKenna in a role where she wasn’t a suffering mother, queen or lover. Given a Anna Wintoresque look she made being Fraulein Doctor chic. Wayne Best as the raincoat clad detective was excellent, not that the the others weren’t, but his murder-weary text was rich and funny. I also appreciated the lack of comic book accents. German Swiss names were given exact pronunciation, but the rest of the dialogue was not. If you are looking for a blackly satiric play about political & scientific ideology this is for you.

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becoming touch


I am becoming

less visual

less visionary


replaces fantasy


become physical facts


find expression

in actual indulgence

I want to touch

I touch

without first

testing imagination

touch adds

new fuel to the fire


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