#Temptations of #BrokenBells

Broken Bells is a nod to current pop – their first is easy but not boring, their second, After the Disco, is more of the same. When I hear them I enjoy them but I don’t feel compelled to play them over & over, as I do with some cds. To be honest if you asked me to identify them from a song I probably couldn’t, nor could I tell them apart from say Metro or Death Cab For Cutie.

After the Disco is on one of my mp3 collections along with Frock Rock; Boyce & Hart; The Temptations: Psychedelic Soul; Katy Perry: Prism; The Parade: Sunshine Girl; Bentley Rhythm Ace: blueVenus: Comfortably Numb.


pink hat

Frock Rock is all female bands covering all female rockers: I bought this because there is some Pussy Riot on it – doing, amongst others things Venus as Boy. Fun, hard rocking at times & I loved I.V. Webb’s Pissing in a River.

Boyce & Heart: they wrote some of the biggest bubblegum rock hits of all time for groups like the Monkees etc. Sweet solid & full of memories. The Parade: Sunshine Girl – could have been one of the big groups but never quite made it. Easy on the ear CaliPop of the 60’s.



slushed crushed pink

I love The Temptations – this a collection of their 60’s hits Ball of Confusion etc. The songs are great, the memories are fine & those tight velvet pants sure make their asses look fine too.

Katy Perry is another nod to the modern: well produced, corporate pop. Disposable & pleasant radio fodder. Nothing quite as compelling as ‘Teenage Dream’ on this one though.


pink glitter

blueVenus: Numb is a fun ep of their violin driven pop – perfect for summer & also a band I know personally. Finally Bentley Rhythm Ace: For Your Ears Only: they were one of too many Brit techno bands (Prodigy, Underworld) that made fun, bouncy, sample happy music when we thought electronica was the wave of the future. It wasn’t but the music is still good.



‘Mal-fun-ction.’ Cadet Bilta jabbed at the key pad by the air lock door as quick as he could. Why was this happening to him now? He knew that even though he was powerless over equipment failure he would be blamed for it. Blamed because as the son of Commander First Class James Bilta others would be only to happy to see anything as his fault. The privileged brat son of the highest ranked officer in the Space Core. What an impossible role to be cast into.

Well, he’d show them, as he has had to show them all every step of the way. His every movement had been subject to more scrutiny than any of his class mates since he first stepped into a class room. He couldn’t refimember a time when he wasn’t in the shadow of his father. Those few times when he was out of that shadow he was under the shadow of his mother. Pil’lo’w Bilta the first emissary from the Fraq Quadrant. He, the first child as the result of an inter-race & species union.

He didn’t know which part of him disliked the constant scrutiny the most: the human or the fraq.

‘Mal-fun-ction. Mal-fun-ction’

‘I heard you the first time.’

Cadet Bilta held his hand over the key pad. Minute filament strands shot out from his palm and raced behind the keys and into the very micro chip works that operated the air lock door. They quickly found the microscopic break in the chip and repaired it. Shoddy workmanship. The humans were plagued by this shoddy workmanship. He was always amazed at the progress the race had made with this inability to perfect even the simplest things.

Ah well that was the frailty of their life. He rubbed his palm once the tendrils had returned. He punched the code into the key pad once again and the door slid open. It jammed at the 3/4 point but he wasn’t Maintenance and it was open wide enough to allow him through. As long as the seals around the jamb were tight all would be well.

The new Drakal Time Cruiser stood on the deck before him. He wondered just how many small imperfections it held that would suddenly act up and spill him into fresh dangers.



September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


( I’ve registered already 🙂 )


September 9, Wednesday – Hot Damn! It’s a Queer Slam – season 2 kick off – 8 p.m. The Supermarket – 268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto.hot

October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice



November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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