Pericles is journey/quest play that takes us through parallel universes were fathers & daughters, loss & love struggle to find happy endings.The play opens when Diana & her maidens walk on stage singing – no boarding call, no lights down & we’re on our journey. The production breaks into song several times. Sweet or stirring, moments of Les Mis & echoes of Brecht made for captivating moments.


gone but not Starbucks yet

The cast was solid, some excellent villainous then comic work from Wayne Best, stalwart Evan Buliung managing to age well & suffer without being one-note. Deborah Hay was good but the decision to have her play three different women in the same dress confused some of the audience – at one point there was an nubile audience whisper: who is she now?


I reflect on empty seats

Each place Pericles arrives is clearly different though – excellent costume work gives the show a sense of moving though time as well – from Victorian, to Renaissance. Great sea storms, sword play and romance gave the production momentum & energy.


candy in refraction

I enjoyed the resonance of other Shakespeare plays that run through Pericles – The Tempest, Claire Lautier as a clear Lady MacB, plus all the plays where someone washes up on shore, is thought dead & isn’t, or survives a bawd’s life. An excellent production well directed by Scott Wentworth & highly recommended.


losing his head to the music

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like a sparrow

fluttering from Sylvia’s tree

i drop down

looking for seeds


i follow others

pecking at the past

for kernels of what happened

to bring me to this point


it’s not that my memory

is barren or faulty

but that part of my past

isn’t where so much springs from


a happy home

with no abuse

strange & sad to admit

what a normal family i had


can’t blame them

for me wanting to pick up a gun

and shoot everyone who ever

treated me wrong


stranger & sadder to admit

no one ever treated me so wrong

that i look to my past

for seamy secrets


i don’t look to my dad

with blame but with gratitude

my mind is not clouded

with revenge or rescue


i don’t swim lost

in a sea of things to say

to change but feel compelled

to peck at the past


looking for some grain of truth

to bring to this discussion

about fathers & sons

some drama trauma confession


but i can’t and frankly

i am glad that this lack of grist

pushes me out of the tree

once again


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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