Funky Drummer

James Brown is a fairly recent addition to my collection – shortly after his death I picked up: Live at the Apollo 1962/ Jungle Groove/ Number Ones. Also a Mojo magazine compilation of covers: Funky Summer. To be honest I never really ‘got’  his funk. His on stage swagger didn’t appeal to my white boy, radio pop loving tastes.


table with big balls

I never bought into the persona, I guess, & the music never really reached that deep into my east coast life at the time. perhaps if I’d heard more of it then I might have gotten into him sooner. Not that I’d call myself a fan even now, but I clearly respect his music, his politic & his boundless creative energy. After all Hendrix did play in his band at one time.


same table same big balls

The songs reflect black culture at the time – I say back because a song like I’m Black & I’m Proud makes that very clear. The need to establish a sense of self runs through pop music & Brown does so with great power. The earlier stuff is about women, love & it is clearly a man’s world.

For a time his music was the most frequently sampled: from his grunts, shrieks & even rhythms – apparent Funky Drummer, on Jungle Groove, is the most sampled track of all time.


stripe down the middle of big ball table

Close on the shelf is Buck 65: Talkin’ Honky Blues. I don’t know if Brown is sampled on this cd. The credits for samples are in such small print I wonder who, other than lawyers, reads them. Buck is an east coast rapper/singer and the material here is fun, sometimes funky, sometimes comedic. Being from the east cost myself I wanted to hear something that wasn’t celtic for a change.


Sis Care

‘You’re nothing but trouble.’ Drak resisted the temptation to hit. He knew hitting would get some response but would slow things down. And things were going badly enough as it was. ‘You hear me? Trouble.’

‘Yes,’ Steve stepped back. ‘Sorry. I’m …’

‘I know what you are trying to do.’ Drak lost control and the back of his hand smacked Steve across the cheek before he could stop himself. Struck twice and was stopped on the third blow by a hand that clenched his wrist. Hurt it.

‘Enough of this. There’s too much at stake for you two to be playing at enemy with each other.’

‘Sorry Sis Care’

‘Sorry Sis Care.’

The two men were shamed.

‘But he …’

‘Drak,’ Sis Care stood firmly before them. ‘I don’t want explanations or excuses. I want action. Not infighting. You know that.’

‘Yes.’ Drak answered.

‘You both understand that?’

‘Yes,’ Steven muttered.

‘Drak, you understand that don’t you?’ her face was inches from his.

‘Yes, Sis Care. It’s just that …’

‘I said, no explanations and no excuses. This one is the last one.’ She tapped the laser pistol at her side. ‘I don’t need much to make me use this. You both know that.’

‘Yes,’ they replied.

‘Okay. Now we have less than ten minutes before we rejoin Group R. Have you laid all the trip wires?’

‘Three to go but Steve here was …’

‘Drak, cut the crap. Three to go and they take five minutes each to set. We have ten. Get your asses in gear.’

The three of them laid the trace wire filaments along the base of the copter pad and over the catwalk entries. Once these optic paths where broken the blast would be set off.

‘Hurry up,’ Sis found herself impatient with Steve. ‘What are you fumbling with there anyway?’

‘Sorry, I get …’ Steve reddened as the pliers slipped from his hands.

‘Give it to me.’ She snatched it up. ‘I’ll finish this off.’

As she picked it up Steve stepped on her hand.

‘Not so fast, Sis.’

She had her laser in her hand before he could react. A blast ripped through his arm and sent him sprawling ten feet away from her.

‘What …’ Drak raced over.

‘I guess he wasn’t your fault after all. Okay we’re done here. Let’s go.’

‘What about?’ Drak nodded at Steve.

‘Leave him. He’s not one of ours.’


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October 18, Sunday – 7:00 p.m. feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice – The Central 603 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 2L7


October 16, 17 & 18: feature & more: Naked Heart

heart flyer

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Bass Poetry Workshop

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo

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