War Suite 1


War Suite

1 – prelude

the gay rights I have here

do not exist there

where queers are aberrations

denied the right to be

so why should I care

if they slaughter one another

do I have enough selflessness

to support what would support me


2 – I like pictures

(as long as I’m not in them)


I like pictures

images on a TV screen

I can see the event

without having to feel

the actual in which it happens

the twin towers instant replay

gave me the shock of the new

the rumble of rubble

and distorted screams

that I could gasp as in my living room

I could walk away from all of it

turn the page of the magazine

and the image is gone

recycle the newspaper

and all the tragic events

are now their way to be re-pulped

the news takes the emotions out

while the garbage man

takes the images away

I look at my white stove

my safe tidy house

images of war push me away

like photographers pushing medics

out of the way to get pictures

what f-stop did they use

to catch the sun reflecting

off the corpses that way

pictures are scentless

no smell of blood of broken bones

of fetid unstirred air

mere grainy instants

that never move or change

a reality that isn’t real

the smuggling of footage

becomes the story

their original content safe

while it’s impossible to rescue people

we preserve their deaths digitally

what occupation is that footage from

the left bank or the right bank

the World Bank

those rag tag rebels around the world

wear the same camouflage cargo pants

the same tattered combat boots

the same unwashed grey blush

on their cheeks and arms

but they don’t smell

I don’t have to put up with that

when I can just sit here

secure in my tidy house

give my half sigh

about the way of the world

and then off the TV

dust my gleaming white stove

go to the store

without having to worry about snipers

I like pictures

as they turn every moments into an image

they become

the best weapon of mass destruction

grey01Canadian shield?

This is the start of one of the longest pieces I wrote – each section flowed almost as a single piece & in editing I broke it into sections, put them into a more of a order as I found the flow. There are more verse breaks in the original but for some reason Wp eliminates them 😦

These first two sections started with the opening lines. The Prelude was to establish something about the writer’s perspective & the complexity of wanting to be supportive but at the same knowing that such support would not be reciprocated. It’s an interesting moral dilemma – one of the reason why I don’t write a lot of political driven poetry – I’m too cynical to think either side really gives a shit about its moral stance it merely wants power to punish without consequence or to protect some corporation’s profit margin. If there were no profit in war it it would cease. I there was no profit is poverty poverty would cease.


shield curb appeal

This also reflects how, like many, I can get hypnotized but news coverage – CNN on scene with reporters asking other reporters probing questions. I’d watch expecting to hear …. I’m not sure what I expect to hear – but I would get more images, or the same one over & over again. Justifications as opposed to explanations or data as opposed to sensible conclusions.


not for breaking windows

As I’ve blogged before, my life got a whole lot happier when I stopped watching the news, about anything, and stopped reading newspapers. I get all the news I need from FB trend alerts (just joking). What made that process easy was accepting the fact that we are shown only what someone decides to show, that it gets spun to suit some agenda. Terrorism threats are permission to curtail personal freedoms. To point this out makes me a terrorist.



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truth lost in the trees



these are facts I want to wrestle with

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