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card Here’s a handful of seemingly random cds to get me to the end of the ‘miscellaneous’ part of my classical collection – it’s grouped either by instrument (guitar, flute etc) or performer (Segovia). Narciso Yepes: Spanish Guitar Music; a double set with him playing Rodrigo, Castelnuovo-Tedesco & on it DeFalla’s Gardens of Spain. Ransom Wilson’s Flute Encores along with some Baroque. Finally two cd’s of Nicanor Zabaleta on the harp playing Mozart & Rodrigo.


Some of these are lp to cd transfers, some store bought, as it were. Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez appears a few times here – on guitar & also harp – it’s one of those warhorses & deservedly so – delightful & sturdy: story because it has become a jazz staple – even Miles Davis has had a go at it.


On the Deutsche Grammophon, Yepes double set is also deFalla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain which is a sublime divine, impressionistic piece for orchestra & piano that always transports me. I do have more than one version of this piece & each them is magical.


Ransom Wilson – well the lp cover sold me on him – handsome man with dexterous fingers & strong tongue work – the pieces are short, show-off encores & the lp is a delightful introduction to flute. Zabaleta is a harp maestro – one cd is a an lp to cd transfer & the other store bought – it includes the Mozart concerto for flute & harp – another of my all time favourite classical pieces. On the other he tackles the de Aranjuez transcribed for harp.


Family Matters

‘Did you hear about your cousin Josephine?’


‘Well, she left that guy from the circus.’


‘You know, the trapeze artist. That’s a stretch – artist. He couldn’t draw a line in the sawdust, if you know what I mean? Anyway, she’s left him for some banker.’

‘Good for her. Didn’t your brother end up with some banker, as well?’

‘No. Dave settled down with a dentist. Imagine. Some people have all the luck.’

‘Dentist! Well good to have that in the family isn’t it?’

‘It didn’t last though, Dave’s now with some man who owns a construction company. Roofing, that sort of thing.’

‘Can’t complain about that.’

‘Well, you know who can complain though, is Dad’s second wife, Sally – remember Sally?’

‘Who could forget Sally. Those macaws ruined the furniture in less than two weeks. Who knew birds shit so much?’

‘Anyway, Sal found out that her first husband died and left her nothing.’

‘What did she expect?’

‘Some people expect the world. I heard this from your half-sister Jewel.’

‘Oh, how is that bitch anyway.’

‘I don’t know why you and Jewel never got along. She is really very sweet.’

‘So is arsenic as you swallow it.’

‘My my. Bitterness becomes you.’

‘So what about Jewel. How’s she doing?’

‘She was looking fine. Just got out of a 28 day rehab program and seems to back on her own two feet for a change.’

‘Instead of on her back, you mean?’

‘Ha ha.’

‘I ran into your ex the other day too.’

‘Which one?’


‘Chuck. That was years ago. He was my first. Actually I don’t think we ever got married. You know. Just as well, he didn’t have much to offer, if you know what I mean?’

‘He certainly kept you happy.’

‘Honey we were twelve, so what do you expect?’


‘So how is he.’

‘He’s doing well. Sold the steak house and has moved along to a chain of motels.’

‘Motels? Do tell.’

‘Along three inter-states, so he hopes to be rich one of these day. You should have stuck with him.’

‘Twelve-year-olds aren’t noted for their ability to see the future potential of many thing.’

‘Right. Did you see that special on Greg last night.

‘Which Greg? Your step-son or my son-in-law.’

‘Neither. He’s Dave’s son.’

‘But I thought Dave was with that guy is construction.’

‘He did test the waters before once or twice. Greg was the result. Named him after our grandfather.’

‘So how is this Greg doing.’

‘He did win that Academy Award two years ago.’

‘He’s been in more treatment centres than June though.’

‘They must have paid off. He was looking good and has a new picture coming out next month.’

‘Good thing we have such a busy family. Isn’t it.’

‘I suppose. Give us a little something to talk about. Speaking of which, did you know that Carl’s mother has left them. Run off.’

‘Not with a Fuller Brush Man?’

‘Ha ha. No found out about the other woman, she did.’

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