#War goes on & on


4 – war mongering

what is there to say about war

that isn’t pointless redundant anti-climatic

what can be said that makes a difference

those who might listen

have already come to a conclusion

no minds can be changed

no new direction can be found

there is no sudden startling brilliant

new avenue of escape    reparation

retribution is the only choice


neither side can win


when this war or any war is over

it is because both sides are exhausted

from trying to press conference

the other into submission

each expects a token of sincerity

an apology neither is will to give


what images don’t trivialize genocide

no matter how many TV eyes

are tuned in on either side

what happens is behind the scenes

in some little secret room

in Washington London Peking

what we get to see


the feast for our eyes

bombed out cafes schools hospitals

the innocent on each side bear the brunt

because the war mongers

are safe in deep hidden bunkers

pushing buttons on their pvrs

to watch the latest CNN diatribe

about the godless on the other side


what changes can we make

someone is always waiting in the wings

getting rid of one leader

only makes room for the new one

the devil we don’t know

isn’t much different from the devil we do know

and the strife continues

each side sure the other is supported

by secret factions


what is there to say about war

that go beyond rhetorical signifiers

beyond jingoistic reflections

what can be said

that might bring it closer to ending

because an end to war is what we want

isn’t it


and if it isn’t over there

it is here

down the street from me

teens play out bully tactic duplications

of whey get fed in the news

between rappers diet reports and garbage strikes

the little local faction

mirrors the world picture

and there is nothing much

anyone can do about it

how can one take a side

when neither is right


what can be said that makes a difference

other than use words to build a safety net

and hope the net holds


Section four re-states the theme with variation. Musing on who profits not only from war but from covering the war. Reporters who get paid more than the soldiers they are interviewing. As if there will be a new answer to the question ‘how did you feel when you pull the trigger?’ ‘when you face someone pulling a trigger.’ Of course those soldiers rarely get interviewed, it is pundits, experts on international affairs who get face time, it’s the corpses of soldiers that become backgrounds for the graphic that leads to commercials.


There is always a hope that new leaders can make a difference but leaders have no power to make a difference. Look at how Obama was hobbled by political resistance to making any real change in the USA. The pretence of democracy satisfies the masses anyway. Today the ‘rhetorical signifiers’ have to contain # for added authenticity. A way of showing support with a key stroke that is nearly anonymous.


As we live in a culture of increasing violence and denial of responsibility I am not surprised at the indifference younger generations show to many things. Texting replaces f2f conversation just as the acronym ‘f2f’ replaces actual words.


Rioters in American streets aren’t part of a civil war but unruly ingrates. The death of a dozen whites is front page domestic terrorism that must be punished, the death of a dozen blacks is the action of a troubled mind that needs to be forgiven so the healing can begin. But no matter what it’s call ed the body count keeps going up.



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