#War concludes with #Prayer


5 – pray for peace

I pray for peace

for no more cameras

in the face of bloodied children

clawing out of fragmented buses

no more pained leaders

griping about the lack of fair media coverage

it’s more important to be righteous

that it is to be right


I pray for peace

and wonder what will come next –

no that’s a lie

I don’t wonder

because what will come next

has already happened

the same war in different places

the same inflexible jargon

this land is our land not your land

they march forth

with the word of god on one side

and the sword of god on the other


I pray for peace

for the righteous and the right

to get on the same talk show

to get Oprah over there

but no side is ready

for that close up

until there is enough sand kicked

so the rich stain of trickling

sweat blood and adidas

in the the frame for the camera


I pray for the camera men

for freedom of the press

how dare you shoot reporters

journalist don’t want your land

they just want to reduce it to

quick clips flashes of bombs

parents wailing – please help

no no no

get over there

for the background of this shot


we have to keep the cameras rolling

risk our lives for higher ratings

now there’s a cause worth fighting for

this scrap of land for my camera man

my sound guy and the line feed grip

if you dare not let

our preproduction teams in

you’ll get no sponsors for your war

this dismemberment moment from

the makers of daisy fresh panty liners


I pray for peace

but not too sincerely

because I don’t want to upset

the world economy

too much peace means higher inflation

when the death rate is lower

there are more starving to feed


I pray for peace

so I can watch TV in peace

so I can get back to reality escapism

sitcom movie stars in crisis

no war to worry about

only the daily grind to occupy me

with a future of safe routes

because that’s what peace is all about



The concluding Section 5 is more theme and variation. As the piece progressed I increased the level of cynicism in the face of what never changes yet pretends to wants to change. The media coverage, or is it obscurage, of events has been the same for as long as I can recall. I’ve looked at press from WWI, read about the Spanish Civil war & nothing has changed except the speed at which we get the image.


Locations, names, weapons may change but causes remain the same. Media has become very protective of its right to ‘report’ without taking sides. Now we get security camera footage & handheld cell video so everyone is a reporter and everyone is showing the truth of the moment. 


‘daisy fresh panty liners’ is a reference to the Daisy Cutter bomb. It seemed a fitting, if cruel, interpolation of what happens with this bomb and a product used to absorb blood. ‘What if they gave a war and nobody came’ a 60’s slogan runs through the subtext of this whole series. Even CNN breaks for commercials & some sponsors have specified they don’t want their ads run during certain types of new coverage.


Like so many things we ordinary folk want the actually ramifications are deeper than we realize. Ending war could cripple the world economy. A cure for the common could would cripple the pharmaceutical industry. So the peace we pray for often isn’t world peace but for peace of mind in a world that is driven by profit.


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