Comfort (Zone) Inn

When I made my reservations to stay at downtown hotel for Gratitude this year I didn’t know that the TTC was shutting down, for Saturday & Sunday, the Bloor line between Pape & St. George – shuttle busses would be running; so had a real sense of Gratitude when I got to the hotel. Transit usually takes me 20-30 min, add shuttle busses & it hits over an hour, with at least two transfers. To be honest I’d stay home rather than under go that sort of stress.


I opted for the Comfort Inn on Jarvis, it was a 15 min. walk to the hotel where the round-up was being held. Plus cost half of what the host hotel was offering. The Inn is a medium range, simple hotel. The room was cool, dark & quiet. Wifi was included & it was fast. My only gripe: the closet was as wide as a pair of shoes. But for three days – no big deal.


The round-up was excellent -180 eager for recovery – LGBQTS – laughed cried hugged & shared at great workshops, panels. Speakers were good. ‘If you only feel whole when you’re helping someone it’s time to learn to help yourself.’ The banquet food was good but I’ve always been let down by the banal brunch – particularly when one is paying $30 for the meal I expect more than scrambled eggs & sausages. I asked about cranberry juice & that would have cost me.


It was interesting being downtown though. I was amazed at the amount of construction. Blocks of buildings gone on the west side of Yonge, north of College; & ones on the east side look slated for tear down too. What’s with Starbucks? I hadn’t noticed how they have proliferated in that area. Can Ryerson students afford that much latte?


Sunday after the conference wrapped, I put on my shorts & trekked down to the St Laurence Market antique scene. My oh my lots of old china, piles of bangles, furs, coins & books to avoid. Took some pics (#GardenDistrict)& felt like a tourist in my home town. Got home Monday morning & there’s no bed like my own little bed.


Rimes of Ancient Drunks

got time to listen to an old drunk

well, not so old and not drunk enough

but you’ll listen won’t you

buy me a beer

and I’ll tell you your future

not that you deserve to know your future

because it’s the same future for all of us


you won’t want to miss this

I’ll tell you  what you really need to know

that stuff in books

isn’t going to get you anywhere

words aren’t the answer

you think you know it all

well all you know is shit

are you listening

you understand that much don’t you

all that thinking and writing

isn’t going to get you any where

you know that don’t you

there isn’t any way out of this

even what I say isn’t going to mean shit

in the long run

it’s just a pointless chase

after something that isn’t even running

something that can never be caught

you following me – catching my drift

I see through the likes of you

come on buy me another beer

I’ve more to say than you’ll ever think

no matter how broke you are

the morning always comes

a body needs a drink

a way out for a few hours

that’s all we really want

you getting this down

do I make you uncomfortable

can’t be bothered looking at me

is that the problem

you wanted a little quiet

to doodle useless words about

the way of  the misery in your world

that some gal is not giving you enough

some guy playing the same game

no way out of it, is there

not that I give a shit

you know that don’t you

that’s half the problem

no one gives a shit

they just want suffering to stop

so they don’t have to see it on TV

that’s the way of the world

you know that don’t you

and you

you think you have some notion

of a better way to live

yet don’t have the decency

to buy a guy a drink

well that’s the way of the world

that’s why I say what I gotta say

something you won’t ever hear

because something more important

is waiting for you

buy me a beer

maybe I’ll change your life

because you know buddy

it’s time for a change

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo


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