#NaNoWriMo #Playlist.01

As my followers know by now, music plays a major role in my creative drive – variety being the spice of creativity for me. I started picking up new things back in July & storing them away in a NaNo playlist – let me tell you it’s pretty hard not to listen them asap but, for the most part I’ve resisted. I have, according to iTunes, 2.1 days of music on my desk top playlist.


What’s on that list: AB Soto: Mr. Soto; Andrei Krylov: Bard Music Fantasy On Celtic, Gothic, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Slavic Medieval Dances and Songs for German Renaissance Folk Lute and Guitar; Aventura: The Last; Bob Dylan: Tempest; Buddy Chaino: The Best of Jungle Echoes; Debbie Gravitte: Defying Gravity; Disclosure: Caracal (Deluxe); Donald Byrd: Black Byrd; Ensemble Nipponia: Kabuki & Other Traditional Music; Geza Music from the Kabuki; Gay Marvine: It’s Bath House Etiquette!; Gay Marvine: Secret Mixes Fixes, Vol. 9: The 3rd Gender – EP; James Carter: After All; Jens-Uwe Beyer: The Emissary; Joe Bataan: Anthology; Julio Bashmore: Knockin’ Boots.night

Terry Riley: Requiem for Adam; Kuni Kawachi and His Band: Love Suki Daikirai; Les Baxter: African Jazz / Jungle Jazz; Marlena Shaw: The Spice of Life; Marlena Shaw: Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?; Friedrich Kuhlau: Six Duos Opus 87; Friedrich Kuhlau: Elverhoj Overture/Concertino for Two Horns/Piano Concerto; John Simon: So Beautiful or So What; Pink Floyd: The Division Bell; Santo & Johnny: 50+ Guitar Classics; Squarepusher: Damogen Furies; Deep House; Japanese Noh Music; Yusef Lateef: Stable Mates + Jazz for the Thinker + Jazz Mood; Ganesha – My Lord; T. Riley: In C; FKA twigs: LP1; National Symphony Orchestra: Overtures of Broadway.construction

not entirely new, meaning I’ve pulled these off playlists intended for my iPod but has only heard them once previously: MacMaster: Cape Breton Tradition; The Azuma Kabuki Musicians: Naguta Music, Original Music and Arrangements from Older Classics; The Esoterics: John Browning: Samuel Barber: The Complete Piano Music; Barber: Samuel Barber’s Collected Choral Works; Moreno Veloso: Music Typewriter; Barber: Adagio, Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto.black

Whew – just getting all these entered was a task. As you can tell it is a very diverse mix lounge African; dance; electronica; old surf instruments; classical; hard core jazz; & for some reason a lot of Japanese stuff. When I play this I’ll hit the shuffle mode so I really won’t know what is coming next. Some of the newer music is stuff by artists I know but haven’t heard i.e. Dylan. Simon, Pink Floyd. Anything to keep my mind entertained and my fingers moving.

I do have a separate playlist of new music on my AirMac. Trust me it is as scattered as this one but not as long as I tend to do more work on the desktop. I’ll post that playlist next week.sample

On The Road To Hell

the ghost of a chance

threw the ball into my court

not that I was in the playing

I’d cashed in my chips long ago

moved onto greener pastures

didn’t want be on that losing streak

got out of the rough patch

and got on with the job of life

it was high time to leave my dream world

face the cold hard music of the facts

that would creep up on me

I’d be caught napping again

dreaming of a better tomorrow

that was within my grasp

if only I could pull myself together

if only I could get with the program

then I’d have half a chance

instead of a tinker’s damn

at the opportunity of a life time

that I was too busy being busy to see

too blinded by the light to recognize

I was being pig headed

I was out in the cold in the waste land

the door slammed in my face

the pole greased for my rapid decent

late for my own funeral

lost in my own dream

going down in flames

face first into the burning bush

into the same old same old jam

oblivious to the obvious

unwilling to accept the facts

taking things on face value

a pickle of a situation

that there was no escape from

no map to the treasure

x marks the spot where

I trip stumbled and landed belly up

flat on my back under the endless sky

with no where else to go but up

yet still sliding down that slippery slope

hell in a hand basket

merely paving the way

with my good intentions

cursing my luck

spitting in the face of good fortune

because I didn’t know any better

never would never will

never say never

not willing to get back in the game

I’m no team player

oh no not me not this time

I’ll take a pass

I’ll stick to the sunny side over easy

safe from the storm

fate don’t tempt me now

I’ve gone for that bait once too often

even when I heed the warming

given myself a good talking to

taken every precaution

rinsed twice and spit

I’m still caught off guard

for what was waiting around the corner

when I least expected

where angles fear to tread

where I don’t read between the lines

and right between the eyes

from out of the blue

came that that feather

you could have knocked me over with

I didn’t dodge the bullet this time

I was hit square in the face

by the ghost of a chance

dropping the ball on me



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2 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo #Playlist.01

  1. Yet another reason I think we’d make a great “couple” ;-), your musical tastes are mind expanding – I’ll be checking out quite a few of these myself (via google). Especially the Celtic (etc.) mix and deep house selection.

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