Harbourfront Toronto

It has been decades since I spent any time at Toronto’s Harbourfront. I used to come down quite regularly back in the 80’s for the Equity Showcase productions, dance shows. The Center building was full of little shops, the first & only Hello Kitty Store was there for about a year. A couple of decent restaurants too. But that was about it.hf02

Now the north side of Queens Quay is like a strip mall with a Swiss Chalet, at least three falafel shops, Subway, Shoppers, at least 3 Starbucks (one right here in my hotel – The Radisson Admiral). Walked in & out of a couple of sports bars – I’m clearly not their client base – I want a decent burger NOT to be pummelled by dozens of huge flat screen TVs & cranked up arena rock. hf01

Actually I’m the ‘crank’ – comes with age. Age is why I’m here a day early anyway – the thought of TCC-ing down here for a workshop that starts at 9:30 is not in my old age cards anymore. Plus a day early gave me a chance to check out the area a little – take lot sou pictures. Most importantly find where the workshop is being held & nearly as important find out where the washrooms are.hf04The area has undone major changes in the past decades to open it up. Transit runs pretty frequently. There is more car traffic the I would have expected. But the area feels more that a tourist attraction than anything else. But it sure lights up pretty at night.hf03

The hotel is a bit more deluxe than I expected. But I’m getting my $’s worth. I’ve been in more hotels the last few years than in my entire life before. Each of them has been very different with levels of comfort, service & condition. Here I’m at the level where there are bathrobes & slippers in the room, a variety of toiletries – two kids of body lotion, a plastic loofa, even emory board – 3 kinds of tea! IN DC I had to call housekeeping to get tea.

Let’s see how well I sleep 🙂sample


Nicotine slippery come hither breath

Over the bottle smudged bar

Muted signals flicker lighter fast

Allure enhanced with each drag

Nets trawling hazy the most willing of waters

Inhaled recognition of smooth opportunity

Signals become smiles become words

Ashes flicked to the interested slouch

Necks stroked fingers tapped toes nudged

Incidental information exchanged

Sides picked positions hinted at

Lips approved legs compliant

Anxiety lapsed into laugher and departure

Now morning greets the stubbed out combatants

Desperate to remember one another’s brandssoon1

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo


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