#NaNoWriMo Primed

The 2015 flood gates open this Sunday – yikes 48 hours before I sever all social ties for 30 days. Well, to be honest, not all. I’ll be getting out some evenings to my usual recovery meetings, plus not going to miss Hot Damn! but that’s it. Unless I get offered a last minute paying gig – I’ve already turned down a few benefits. Oh wait, I’m hosting a weekly NaNo write in at my house. Writers writing together isn’t really all that social – ‘where’s the chocolate’ is the extend of those conversations.construction03I’m hosting this at my house, every Sunday in November from 1 – 5, approx, with pot-luck suppers for those who want to decompress. In past years I’ve set up write-in meet ups at cafes & those haven’t been that productive for me – I find their tables too small, cafes too noisy & nosey. Plus I don’t feel comfortable nibbling a muffin or three hours. At home I get to control the music – sure headphones can drown out cafe music but …construction02I did a quick review of what I accomplished last year. Imagine I forget nearly of my character’s names but remember what they did clearly. I haven’t quite decided where to jump in for 2015 – where I left toff or where I want to be? My original ‘vision’ had the bulk of the story happening on the east coast, in New Brunswick & Nova Scotia but I hadn’t even had my character sign the reality TV contact that was taking him there in the first 70,000 words. That was a result of letting the story take over & enjoying the ride where it took me & my characters. construction01I am tempted to jump ahead a few months & sort out the various threads that had become unravelled by the end of those first 70,000 words – his untrustworthy sister; his obstinate lover; the billionaire sports star suddenly taken with him; the cold case trail of disappeared children (at least one of whom he knew); finding out if his Dad is implicated in those disappearances; & oh yes, discovering more about his Dad’s shady porn connections. That alone who’ll be worth another 60,000+ words.construction04My system will be what has worked pretty well this past five years – write 600 words in the morning after breakfast, got for a walk to mull, get a coffee, listen to beta beats, get home & pump out another 1000 words, lunch, read some, more writing until I at least hit 2000 words. That usually takes me to supper time.More reading time after supper or if the flow is high more writing.

perfect nano sample

Here’s the final 1003 words I wrote last year:

Maybe it was time to make the store completely independent of each other. The corporation originally only included the building and the Depot business. He’d have to check into that before the end of the year so each could start a fresh in the new.

The Depot was busy when he got there. They were having a night of quick sales. Fifty percent of certain items for only an hour. Different items every hour. Much like the trade in sale when customers felt they had saved they were willing to spend more than they intended. It was always rewarding to see the shelves empty and sometimes even to sell out on an item. The sort of sale that could never happen at FairVista.

An electronic bell sounded the time to change items. Some had limited qualities that the display board should tick off as each was sold.

Dan enjoyed the retail end of the business. Talking to people, slyly getting them to commit to more than they intended. He didn’t sell them extended service contacts, that he left to Ushio. Dan knew most people ever used them so he felt bad palming them off on them. If there was any repair work to be done it would fall to Ushio anyway.

The last sale bell went off at 10 p.m. This was the extra hour of savings where selected items, floor samples or slow products that had proved to be hard to sell but kept off the floor till now would be brought out. All offered at seventy per cent off. They’d lose a bit of money on some but that was always made up for by accessories, like the perfect camera bag, or spare computer cable in case you lost the one that came with the camera.

His eyes began to ache by then and he was happy when the ten minute bell rang. If you hadn’t paid for your item by eleven you’d have to hope it showed up next year. But they allowed an extra five minutes grace period,

Dan was setting the back security for The Depot by eleven-thirty. Bushed by the long day he wasn’t all that eager to go home to Sanjay. The rift in their relationship showed no sign of being healed over the past week.

“In a hurry?” A voice came from the nook behind him.

Dan spun around int a fighting stance. There had been more than one assault back there.

“Who is it.”

A figure stepped into the light. It was Peter.

“Fuck, you trying to give me a heart attack?” Dan said.

“Sorry, sir.” Peter kept his eyes down. “I haven’t seen you at the Carafe the last couple of days.”

“I’ve been pretty busy. How is your Dad.”

“He’s well. I was afraid you were displeased with me, sir.”

“Save sir for the bedroom” Dan looked at the shadow on the nook. Was this a good time for catching some real action on the security camera. He glanced up at the camera. His eyes ached, his feet were tired from standing. Another night.

“The Depot was super busy tonight.” Peter said.

“Too busy.” Dan rubbed around his eye brows.

“I was afraid you were avoiding me at the Carafe. You’re usual in a couple of times a day.”

“Things got hectic.” He didn’t want to admit to Peter that he was right.

“Yes, Mr. James.” Peter stepped further into the light. “I … can I give you a lift, sailor?”

“Got room for this?” He lifted his bike briefly.

“We can find out.” Peter’s grin almost made Dan change his mind about getting nook footage.

With a little wrestle the bike fit into the back seat of the car. He was about to get in when a nearby parked car started and it’s headlight came on. Dan recognized it as it pulled up behind them and the passenger window wound down. The driver leaned over to it. It was Sanjay.

“I thought I’d come for you.” he said. “But it looks like you are already been well taken care of.” Sanjay stopped the car and got out. “How are you tonight, Peter. It is Peter isn’t it?”

“Uh … yes.” Peter glanced from Dan to Sanjay. “But now that you are here you’ve saved me a trip.”

“Right.” Sanjay began to pull the bike out of Peter’s back seat. “My car is a better fit for this. We bought it with bikes in mine. Didn’t we, dear.”

“Cool,” Peter said.

Dan could see how bewildered Peter was. He was just as unsure of how to handle the situation.

“Thanks for the offer Peter.” Dan said.

“Any time Mr. James. At least any time I have my Dad’s car.” He got into his car and drove off.

“His Dad’s car.” Sanjay sniggered as he got back behind the wheel. “Sounds like a line out of some high school movie.”

“I suppose it does.” Dan got in the car. “But waiting outside  in the dark to spy on whats going on is out of an equally bad romcom.”

“I was not spying. I had just pulled up and was waiting for you to come from the laneway with your bike when I saw Peter go back there. Is this were you usually meet your tricks?”

“I do not meet tricks period. Anywhere.”

“Yeah sure. With all the surveillance equipment pointed and ready for your next V-Files home movie. You do have quite a collection there. Mostly hetero though. That is a bit disappointing. I never suspected you might be bi. You aren’t bi are you?”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really. Here we are.” Sanjay pulled into their drive. “Home, not so sweet home.”

They went into the house.

“I’m going to turn in.” Dan said.

“How long are we going to go on like this?” Sanjay stopped him at the bottom of the stairs. “We can’t live like miffed room mates like this for much longer. Avoiding each other in the morning.”

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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  1. So, so jealous of your writing schedule. Mine has this pesky JOB deal getting in the way of both my time and creativity. Still plan on earning my badge, just maybe with a measly 50,001 words, lol. I’m intrigued with this story – particularly with the mystery of the missing kids.

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