#NaNoWriMo Conflict

I jumped right into the thick of NaNo without even looking at my ‘cast’ list from last year. I decided to skip ahead in the story line – it is so difficult not to account for every second of the day of the lives of these characters. I no long have to start with them waking up and end with them going to bed. But the world building of the first half was so compelling it was hard to let go the need to deal with those spots & subplots but I knew if I did that I might never to what I wanted the story to be about.


At about the 1500 word point I printed out my cast list to get at least my main character’s name right. Naming can slow me down somewhat so I fell back on the X or Y for the new characters. I know the tension I want will be more pressing in editing as well. I had to start somewhere and this scene was good action point of conflict to engage me.


One of the my ‘problems’ now is that I’ve created such a quantity problems for my main character the story is starting to feel more like Job than a normal person’s life. Sure we need conflict to propel a story, to make the characters real for the reader but just how much conflict can one man deal with?


I also have the challenge of weaving in what happened between where I left off in Toronto & my hero takes off to land in Nova Scotia. Can I do that with flashbacks & Skype? Some of this issues were urgent: the business with his conniving sister; the end, or is it, of his relationship; I can tie them up too pat or cute either – it would be unrealistic for his lover to say ‘oh i’m so sorry I didn’t mean to be such a prick about you sleeping round, about my need for $ to open my own catering firm. our relationship means more than those things, so I love you, now go find out what to those kids.’


The crime show film shoot can’t go too smoothly either so there’ll me more conflict ahead. Of course, no spoilers, he also meets the culprit, there’ll be at least one present day murder – so my hero will be a suspect to add to the number of conflicts. Will there be a happy ending – nope – but one mystery will be solved, one relationship will be over (maybe) & he will be a little wiser & much better known.

perfect nano sample

here’s the first 1090 words of my nanowrimo 2015:

Dan put his suitcase down to shut the motel door. The door wasn’t cooperating. He slung off his shoulder bag and put it on the bed and went back to the door. He found he had to lift it slightly by the knob to get it to slip back into the door frame.

Just what he needed, another sign that things weren’t going to be as smooth as he expected. At least he was here. He opened his shoulder bag and took out the production schedule for the four weeks of the shoot. Places, distances, dates, times, drivers, motels, b’n’b’s with no time out between each. Cyrtys talked big money but spent small. At least Dan wasn’t saddled with booking his own motels. If he was they would have been half-a-star better. He was only here for two nights so he didn’t even bother unpacking more than his shoulder bag.

At least this place had wifi. He turned on his lap top and while it was starting up found the outlet to to plug it in. He had to choose: did he want the TV or the lap top plugged in? At least there was a desk to put it on, too bad it faced the wall, while the TV merely blocked half the window.

The motel splash page came up first. There was free wifi but if he wanted higher speeds he would have to pay more for it. It would he charged to his room. As Quintex was paying for that he opted for the highest speed possible. Which would probably bring the cost of the room to that of the next star up motel.

There was a knock at his door. “You decent?”

It was Cyr himself. Dan pried the door open. “Come on in. I was just getting started.” He gestured to his laptop.

“Utilitarian,” Cyr glanced around the room. He breathed deeply. “Stuffy. Damp.”

“Lives up its name – Waterside Motel.”

“There’s a difference between being water side and being in the water.” Cyrtys brushed the quilt before sitting on the bed. “You ready or tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Interview is with the Forestier’s. I’ve read the background stuff. They haven some photos I’ve never seen before. I’ll look at them to see what I might see in them. I have the set of questions your researcher has provided. It’ll take more than a hour to get through them all you know.”

“No problem as long as you stick to them. We have to …”

He was interrupted by a loud knowing at the door.

“You order a pizza?” Cry asked.

Dan stepped the door when it was shoved open.

Two RCMP officers strode in.

“Daniel James?” a thick set, tall female glared at him.

“Yes. What can I do for you Corp. ” Dan saw her rank patch.

The other officer reached for the lap top. “Couldn’t wait for the filth, eh.” he muttered.

“John” she silenced him. “I’ll do the talking.”

“What’s this about?” Cyrtys stood.

With all of them standing there wasn’t much space for for them to move in the tiny room.

She handed Cyrtys a piece of paper. “I’m Corporal Coster. This is Sgt. Tyler. We have a warrant search the premises and to seize all electronic devices on a charge of pornography.”

“What!” Dan said.

“You heard her, asshole.” The male office nudged Dan out of his way.

“Then you’ll be impounding the truck, too?” Cyrtys asked.

“Truck?” she asked.

“Yeah the remote studio we brought with us.”

“Studio.” The male officer exploded. “You ….”

“There must be some confusion,” Dan said. He took out his wallet and flipped it open to his RCMP consultant badge.

Coster looked the badge carefully.

“We have a report that members of a child pornography ring were setting up shop here.” She said.

“From where?” Dan asked.

“I’m not at liberty to divulge that.” she handed him back his wallet. “We’ll be taking that.” she nodded to the lap top. “Also your cellphone.”

“What?” Cyrtys said. “We start filming tomorrow.”

“Not our problem.” The male officer said.

“You can’t …”

“Read the warrant,” Coster cut Cyrtys off. “We can and we will and we have.”

“There must be some misunderstanding.” Cyrtys said reaching to stop her.

“Don’t.” Dan pulled him back. “Sgt …”

“Listen,” she turned to face Dan. “I don’t care who you know or what you think will impress me.” She gave him back his wallet.

Dan’s cellphone rang.

“Hello,” The male officer answered it. “I’m sorry he can’t speak to you right now. … No! I won’t take a message …” he turned the phone off. It rang again. A different ring. Dan recognized it as Sanja’s ring.

“Popular man.” The male officer said. “I guess your buyers network knew when you’d be getting here.”

“Of course people knew when we’d be getting here.” Cyrtys said. “I can give you a list, starting with my pre-production manager who will be calling to confirm locations for tomorrow. We’re from Quintex studios. Perhaps you’ve heard of us.”

“Look,” Coster glared at him. “Your cover story has been blown already. We know who you claim to be. Just because we’re small town doesn’t mean we are stupid.”

“There’s a difference between being stupid and being wrong.” Dan said. “But finding out how wrong is up to you.”

The room phone began to ring.  Dan automatically reached to answer it. The male officer grabbed it up before Dan could get to it.

“Hello. Hello. They hung up.”

Dan read through the warrant. “You only have access to my laptop not my cellphone.”

“It’s good for all electronic recording devices.” she said.

“That’s not what it says.” He read aloud the section that set out the perimeters of the warrant. “That’s pretty clear. I’ll have my cellphone back, please.”

Reluctantly she gave it back to him.

“Sgt. check the bathroom.” She said to Tyler.


“Who is the division captain?” Dan asked.

“Brian Mckillop.” Coster said.

“Look you can’t do this,” Cyrtys said. “We’ve been planning this for months now. I have all the permits, waivers from the families, you know, real documentation, not some trumped up goose chase …”

While Cyrtys was talking Dan sent a text to Warszawa with Mackillop’s name, a question mark and a 414. The code for ‘contact this guy.’ [plant something earlier about the use of this code]

“It was there.” Sgt. came out of the bathroom with a spindle of dvd’s. “There were in the ceiling where they said they’d be.”

“Shouldn’t you be wearing gloves Sgt,” Dan said. “you’ve already contaminated the evidence.”

perfect nano sample

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo


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  1. wow. just hopped right in to the thick of things :-). makes me look at my start to this year’s NaNo…it’s a long description of a dude at an old dinning room table. LOL. Not nearly as exciting :-).

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