Isaac Albeniz 


At last I start in on the composers (sort of). First up is Isaac Albeniz – Iberia (plus Suite Espanole, Chant D’Espagne) – Richard Requejo, piano – masterworks by a Spanish romantic impressionist. Some of Albeniz’s compositions are such familiar Spanish melodies many don’t know where they come from – Granada has almost become a cliche, as has Sevilla – even if these titles aren’t familiar, the moment you hear them you’ll go ‘oh that song.’


The music on this double cd is impressions of regions of Spain – folk melodies are woven into some passages. Many of these pieces have been frequently transcribed for orchestra, solo guitar, & made eventually their way into big band, bop jazz & pop. I even have a crazed moog version of Granada somewhere in my collection.


Impressionistic but also highly emotionally charged, a la Liszt. The sound quality on this set is superb. It is perfect music for writing to – not sure what the bpm is but it lends to keeping the fingers moving along with a super charge of emotional yearning.winter04

Next on the shelf is that ‘sort of’: a transferred from lp to cd collection of MHS stuff that includes & is filed under: J.G. Albrechtsberger: partitia for harp, plus harp music played by Judy Loman. With some harp & flute pieces played by Rampal & Laskine. Plus Ransom Wilson tackling Habanera on flute.


the res too that lis too 100 opening lines:

51. Ruth’s eyes surveyed the room, quickly finding the items that she could carry and that would bring the best price.

52. Brian felt the other man’s eyes on him.

53. Zap, the Happy Microwave, said to the other appliances, ‘Today will be a good day.’

54. The gun kept slipping out of her hand. Blood! So much she didn’t know if it was his or hers.

55. A chill went up Mac’s spine as the door clicked behind him.

56. Greg couldn’t remember when pain became such a pleasure.

57. Anna saw the police can in her rear view mirror.

58. ‘I don’t have time for this. I really don’t.’

59. More than anything in the world Helen wanted a Magic Pony,

60. ‘I’d like a job application, please.’ Pete knew if he was going to leave home he’d have to make a start now.

61. David pulled out the top drawer of the dresser. The chain wasn’t there!

62. The fall of night brought with it the danger Mike now felt ready to face.

63. ‘For me?’ Stan looked at the gift his Dad had just handed him.

64. The feel of his fist pounding a face was more satisfying than expected.

65. ‘Tell me you love me.’

66. ‘Divorce!’ Brenda couldn’t believe her ears.

67. Father Qunell had seen the face of evil many times, never had it looked so innocent.

68. From the crest of the hill the herd spread out before them looked like a a dusty carpet.

69. The musty smell told Deb that the cottage hadn’t been aired out in some time.

70. The little plane raced for the end of the runway.

71. Hank held the test-tube up to the light, tapped it with his finger nail and tipped it into the bubbling red liquid in the beaker over the Bunsen burner.

72. ‘Nothing you do surprises me or anyone.’

73. When Don saw so many people lined up at the ATM he walked away in disgust.

74. The radio suddenly went dead.

75. Play ‘Louie Louie’ the drunk roared at the stage for the fifth time since they started their set.

76. ‘I’m getting out of here. You coming or staying?’

77. ‘Did a kid about five foot nothing, in ragged shorts and a blood spattered T-shirt run past here in the past few minutes?’

78. ‘Now this is a bear my Dad killed when he was your age son.’

79. The barren landscape held only yellow dust as far as the eye could see.

80. Stacy swung for the screaming alarm, missed it and fell on to the cold hardwood floor.

81. ‘Mal-fun-ction’ Cadet Bilta jabbed at the key pad by the air lock door as quickly as he could.

82. The edge of the cliff was closer than either of them realized.

83. The soft padding Mitch heard became louder and more solid.

84. Something slithered over her foot in the dark of the movie theatre.

85. ‘Congratulations!’

86. The poster for the circus was in reds and blues that Cindy couldn’t get out of her dreams.

87. There comes a time in everyone’s life when changes must be made.

88. His Mom would be furious.

89. ‘Far be it from me to point this out but, Mr. Palmer, your opinion of Kant will not be the revelation you seem to think it is.’

90. The Shimming Forest rose silent from the depth of the Mirror Pool of Dalgrana.

91. The skeleton had to take two steps before E’fi believed her spell had worked.

92. ‘You expect me to marry that to save your world?’

93. The empty chair was full of memories most of them unhappy.

94. The yard sale was to start in less than an hour and Gail still hadn’t decided what to sell.

95. The spine of the book on the top most shelf gleamed gold.

96. Naked once again Jeff wondered if it was worth the humiliation.

97. Fran had left her slippers in the front porch.

98. The rain stopped as suddenly as it had started.

99. ‘There ain’t mech call for such as dose des days marm.’

100. ‘I call upon the Bliss of Seraph to protect me from all harm.’

101. The smell of food cooking drifted out to the street.soon

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