Lost in #NaNoWriMo The Woods

I definitely downloaded the right music for NaNo this year because I passed the halfway point by day 9. I didn’t imagine that the story was going to sweep me away with such force. I didn’t do anything substantively different this like change my vitamin dosage or start eating some magic sausage. I do get up ten minutes earlier every morning to give me a bit more writing time before I head out for my walk.


Finding myself hitting 3000 words a day by day 4 was pretty much a shock. I saw no reason to resist the flow. Not that it has always taken me or the story where it needs to go. Sunday I did ‘thrash away’ for several pages with a diversion that I realized wasn’t adding so I stopped, rolled back to where that happened and tried a different tract. I did keep those diversion words though, as they are part of my word count.tree

The write-ins have proved to be productive as well. I pushed myself out to the one at the Time Capsule Cafe east of Woodbine on the Danforth. A fifteen minute walk from my place. The cafe is devoted to board games & there are some pinball machines. It’s only been open a month so the menu is still rather limited. At least 8 people showed up for the first session.


The ones I’ve hosted at my place, two so far, have been even more productive. That could be because none of the Misfits has been able to be here. The host is willing but the guests are non-arrivals. But I sit down at my desk top and input away as if someone was here doing the same. My imaginary write-in buddy.


As some of you notice I’ve been having great fun creating graphics for my word count notices. All the pictures are ones I’ve taken. I’ve been wanting to use the many construction site shots I’ve taken and it was a no-brainer that while the novel was under nano construction that they’d be perfect.


perfect nano sample

My hero has been stranded in a small East Coast town by a torrential storm. He is ‘rescued’ by, Lorenz the brawny German owner of a local b’n’b who offers even more assistance when the roads have been washed out: – I haven’t fully decided on the vehicle he is driving but it it as rugged as he is –

Lorenz got out of the car and opened the trunk and took Dan’s suitcase out and came back to the SUV. He tossed it into the back hatch. “It’s dry enough.” He said. But by the sound of the motor that car isn’t going anywhere soon.”

“Fuck!” Dan said.

“Day is early.” Lorenz got back into the front seat and started the truck. “I’m thinking the old Moose Trail won’t be too bad. Runs along the high ridge. Mostly rock too.”

“You offering to drive me there! I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“You’re not asking, I’m offering. There’s a difference. We’ll stop back the Farm to pick up a few things first though. No gas stations on this trail, or comfort stations either.”

“I guess I don’t have much choice.”

It took Lorenz less than half an hour to get the SUV loaded for the trip.

“Here” He gave Dan a pair of heavy duty work boots. “I think these will fit you. They are my mother’s but I your feet seem to about the same size. Mine would be too large for you.”

He put his right foot beside Dan’s left foot. It was much wider and longer.

“Whoah! I hadn’t noticed. I guess in the dark all feet look the same.”

“I must let Bella know I will be gone for the day.”

“Yes she manages the Grille for the family. It belonged to her family before we bought it. I will be back directly.”

While Lorenz was in the house Dan laced up the work boots. They were a comfortable fit.

Lorenz got behind the steering wheel. “So are you ready, my friend?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Lorenz backed the SUV then drove up a low hill at the side of the house and directly into the woods. “I found this trail with the snowmobile the first winter we were here. One of my jobs is make sure it’s clear but not … too easy. The winter people like a bit of a challenge.”

The SUV rocked back forth as it negotiated the trail. Branches slapped at the roof, windows and the sides of the truck. He stopped at the brink of a steep down grade. He grinned at Dan and released the clutch sending them bouncing down the side of the hill. Dan found himself grabbing the dash to brace himself.

“This is what I call driving.” Lorenz said happily.

“Are you sure you’re queer?” Dan shook his head.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” Lorenz said.


“Yeah. Most gay guys spot my big feet within minutes. In my case it is true what they say.”

“I told you it was too dark to notice them.”

“I gave you ample opportunity. Why do you think I put those tea lamps on the floor?”

“Jesus! I just thought you were being … a real queen.”

“And I thought you were playing hard to get.”

“Nope. Bad gaydar. Sounds like you get ample opportunity out here after all.”

“Summer mainly. I want my folks to advertise more for gay honeymooners. All they were willing to do was put the flag up. Old school, old country. They aren’t ready to let go of those prejudices. They don’t grasp that there is a generation that grew up watching queers on TV. It means nothing to them.”

He stopped the SUV. A tree had fallen across the trail. “We’re going to have to move that I’m afraid. Think you can manage?”

“Is that a dare country girl.”

“Prove me wrong city queen.”

They got out of the truck.

Lorenz walked around the tree peering into the woods on either side. “I’m seeing where we would best put it.”

“Put it!” Dan tentatively lifted the part of the trunk nearest him. “We’ll need a … I don’t know what to move this. It must weigh a ton.”

“Not a bad estimate for someone who isn’t a size queen.” Lorenz laughed. “We will have a little help.”

He went to the back of the truck and pulled out two steel spars about five feet in length.

“Let us … try over there first. You see where that other tree has been broken under this one.”


Lorenz showed him how to ram the spar under the tree as he did the same.

“Press down gently.”

They bounced the fallen trunk this way a few times.

“Very good. It is not lodged in that deeply. Now we go to here. No the soil is too soft.” He moved a few more feet along. “This rock will be good.”

They both pushed their spars under the trunk

“Lift a moment, now push down as hard as you can.”

The trunk seemed immobile to Dan. “It’s like trying to move a sofa with a tooth pick.” He said.

“Yes. Stop for a moment. Once more. All your weight.”

For a split second Dan’s feet left the ground. The trunk moved a fraction then slewed off and away from them. As it did Lorenz pushed him to the ground. His spar bounced into the air where he had been.

“What the …” he sat on the wet ground staring at the tree trunk. “I can’t believe we just moved that fucker.” His hands were stinging from the pressure he had been applying. “I have never done anything like that in my entire life.”

“Not much big lumber in Toronto.” Lorenz said. “You handled that quite well for such a little guy.”soon1

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo




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