#NaNoWriMo Shattered

Shattered the 50000 barrier Monday November 16 – passed 51000 words in fact – to bring my daily average for the first 17 days up to 3000 – which was one of my goals for this year. I did my first NaNo 6 years ago & was struggling for the first few weeks to make daily word counts but did & by the end passed the 50000 mark. Each year it has gotten ‘easier’ as I became more confident & willing to try new things & willing to remove distractions.construction

Each subsequent year one of my goals was to hit 50000 sooner than I did the year before and I’ve managed to do that. This is the earliest I’ve done it. Best part, or perhaps worst part, is that I feel my story is about 2/3 done – there is easily another 50000 words to get to the end of it.


It’s good to have that much plot to deal with, some major plot threads to tie up – like who is the abductor, who is trying to thwart the investigation, who is trying to kill my hero – those threads are ones that have to be dealt with satisfactorily. Others can be left for later books: will he find true love with the billionaire, what about his Dad’s porn enterprise, will he buy those red shoes.


For the rest of November  I’ll spend time cleaning up what I have, expand some of it with bridging information – like when did he sign the contract to host the crime investigation reality show – things I jumped over to get to east coast part of the plot – add more physical description of people, places and things – which will bring this year’s tally closer to 65000 by the time I’m ready to give myself a rest on December 1 by decorating my house for Christmas.


My reward for passing 50000 so fast is: When Horror Came to Shochiku.

perfect nano sample

Here’s more of the long scene with Teresa Dunlop:

“There. So where do we start Danny Boy.”

“What do remember about that day.” Dan asked.

“Mama was a wreck. Pops was drunk, not unusual. Both of them are dead now, you know that? Anyway.” she was silent for a moment. “Yeah that’s all I remember. I was seeing that guy from Hippo. You know the one your sister had the hots for too but I made sure she didn’t get more than her hands on him, and vice versa.” she sighed deeply. “I should have just stepped out of the way but I was tired of you folks coming here and getting all that attention. She was pretty enough. Acted better than she was because your Dad was so … rich. Yeah we though you felllas were rich. Staying the Arms and all that.” She picked at her fries.

“You weren’t like her though.”

“You mean after the same men as you?” Dan asked.

“Go on with you. No, I mean you acted like you was happy to be here. You and Timmy got on great too. You kept him out of trouble, most of the time.”

“My folks thought he was always getting me into trouble.” Dan said.

“It was pretty awful to lose him like that. Too never know. Never.” she teared up. “We fought all the time but I liked him. Loved him. We was sorry to see you up and leave so fast too. Though can’t blame your Dad. He said it could have been you. For a long time I wished that it had been you. I hate to say that.”

“Yeah. What about the RCMP?”

“Oh them. They did what they could. Asked us lots of questions, Made it look like Pops might have had something to do with it. You must know all about that, Dan, being one yourself. Is that why you joined them?”

“Nope. They recruited me.”

“That all they do? That Sergeant, or whatever he was, Davis, I think. certainly wanted to recruit me too. He came to the house more times than I care to remember to ask one more thing. I thought it him trying to get me to rat out on Pops but he was like every guy I’ve ever met. Found out he was talking to your sister right after he’d been to see me. Wonder if he got the information he wanted out of her.”

“What do you think happened to Timmy?”

“On my God! No one has ever asked me that. I used to think he just ran away. Never to look back. Maybe went to the States and got into the airforce. After he was gone I’d imagine him in a pilot’s uniform. Flying the President around the world. I don’t like to think of him in the hands of some … sicko … or that he’s …” she teared up. “that he’s dead.” She began to wear noisily. “He was just a kind, you know. A good kid. That’s all we were, kids. Those RCMP fellas trying to make out that we were more than that. That everyone was hiding information, being cunning and sly. It wasn’t like that. We just didn’t know what happened.”

Barbra came over with handful of paper napkins.

“Thanks Heather.”

“Another one?” she asked picking up the empty beer bottles.

“Nope I have had enough. For the afternoon that is.” she smiled. “Sorry I didn’t mean to get all mushy like that. We never knew about all them others either until the show. We knew about some of them but that there were so many. So many.” she began to tear up again. “When I think of those poor children. Now that I have a couple of my own I feel it all even more. I didn’t realize what my folks had gone through. It wasn’t a loss, it was like, having your heart ripped out and then some asshole in a uniform acting as if you ripped it out yourself to spite them.

They had no sympathy. That’s what got to me anyway. How did you feel when they talked to you?” she asked Dan.

“They didn’t.”

“But you and Timmy’s was great pals.”

“I didn’t know he’d been abducted until I saw it on Cold Case a few months ago.”

“Go on! They talked to your Dad and Linda. Not you?”

“Yeah. I even wrote Timmy a few times after we moved to Toronto but when he never answered I figured he wasn’t going to.”

“You don’t look much like your Dad. Like, I can for a bit see the boy I knew when I look at you. You sound just like him though. When you say some words it’s as if your Dad was speaking to me.”

“I may not of inherited his looks but I did inherit his eye and his voice.”

“Your looks are good. Your Dad was handsome. Charming. My mother said that he was charming. I’d never thought of a man like that until my mother said it. We girls were always trying to get him to take out pictures too. Provoke him as if we were woman enough to … tempt him. We wanted so badly to grow up. Trouble was what we’d lose when we grew up.” She was silent.

“Our researcher said you had some photographs from around that time?” Dan said.

“Oh yes. I forgot all about them. They’re in my purse here.” She reached for it on the chair next to her. It wasn’t there. “Where the fuck .. sorry, or can you edit things out?” she asked Cameron.

“Edit is easy.”

She looked under her chair, inside her jacket. “Did I have it when we went for a smoke?”

“Don’t think so.” Cameron said.

“Did I take it to the bathroom with me? I’ll be right back.”

The waitress came over and cleared their table.

“Anything else?” she asked.

“Not for me. You?” Dan asked Cameron.

“I’m fine.”

“You want us out of here?” Dan asked the waitress.

“Oh no. Your prediction manager made sure you could take all the time you wanted here. Owners did put their foot down about not letting in our regulars though. How was the food?”

“Let’s just say be glad we’re not restaurant reviewers?” Cameron answered her.

Teresa retuned to the table with her purse clutched under her arm. She had hastily reapplied her make up.

“Would it be okay if we got out of here?” she asked.

“I don’t see why not?” Dan glanced at Cameron.

“I may have to mike you for out of doors.” He looked into his equipment bag for microphones. “I usually have a couple with me.”

“I hate to be a bother but I just gotta … I get restless sitting around talking like this.”

Cameron clipped mikes onto each of them. “These ought to work.”

They went outside.

“Which way?” Dan asked her.

“Let’s go to Allan Park. Not too far from here. You remember it?”

“Sort of. Timmy and I used to play around the train yards a lot. Then the Maple Woods.”

“Woods is gone now.” she said. “Sounding okay, camera guy?”

He gave them a thumbs up.

“Funny I thought it’d be … weird with a camera like this but he sort of stops being there.”

“That’s the idea. Was there anything going on the week before things happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like a  big festival. Was it Stellerton’s Homecoming Week or a Celtic Music Show.”

“Oh, no. Not here. Hippo was the most exciting thing that usually happened around here. Even that was pretty small potatoes. It was always something if they brought in a new ride. No, if we wanted something to do we would go to Truro. Guess thats part of why even your Dad stopping by for awhile was an event. Never understood why he picked here. Like New Glasgow or even Truro would have been better.”

“Sounds like you would have thought any place was better.”

“Yeah. I guess I sound like all those soured bitches who drag themselves back to their roots. I’ve been to bigger places and they were no better or worse than here. Lots more of the crappy stuff but the same amount of the good stuff.”

“So there was nothing special that week.”

“Not that I recall.” She unzipped her purse. “Here and those pictures I was talking about. Mama had a drawer full of them. Most of them still in their envelopes. Putting them in albums was something she was going to get around to some day. But after Timmy she didn’t want to look at them. That’s where I found the one of you two on the steps. The one they used on that show.”

“You remember much about that day?” Dan asked as he sorted through the pictures.

“More and more. It wasn’t something I thought much about especially after the Mounties stopped coming around. We never understood why they stopped. Or why they never came back when there were others.”

“So, what more have you remembered since then?”

“Silly stuff. Like what I was wearing. Those cowboy costumes you and Timmy loved to play in. Mama had to sew them back together nearly every other day. We couldn’t make you kids understand that they weren’t really clothes. They were as real as the toy guns. Yet you would be climbing trees, jumping off porches in them. Timmy would sometimes sleep in his chaps. He said that how real cowboys slept. I told him real cowboys didn’t hang around with their bare butts where coyotes could get at them in their sleep.”

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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