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Cake Town scones

I’ve authenticated my NaNo count to November 20 so I can enter the winner circle once again. Even if do no more Nano for the rest of the month my daily word average will be over 2000. Some of that done by hand!! All of it down under the influence of coffee. I usually don’t have a coffee a day but for NaNo that seems to be a necessity.

I’ve been hitting some of my regular spots more frequently on my morning walks. One is Cake Town on the Danforth at Woodbine – they call me by name there and have amazing scones, butter tarts & good coffee.


my spirit animal at The Sidekick

I’ve also been getting to The Sidekick on Queen at Greenwood. The cafe is also a comic book shop and by the register is my spirit animal Godzilla. Good coffee & an amazing lemon ricotta scone.


NaNo nachos at Time Capsule

The east end write in at Time Capsule (Danforth was too Woodbine) was not only productive but the location was perfect. Bought tables, outlets and even wifi. No coffee here by the mint tea, hot chocolate hit the spot and the nachos were good. The guys that run the place are eager & the space would be perfect for a spoken word series (hits to anyone looking to start something in the east end).


Crema butter pecan square

I also made stops at Crema: love their butter pecan squares & strong coffee; Family Bakery Cafe: walnut strudel anyone & their medium is a large at many cafes; Riverdale Perk: good range of cup cakes – which are oddly lacking in many coffee shops these days & of course great coffee. Finally VON – a decadent donut shop on the Danforth – the apple fritter is the best I’ve ever had but their donut range is specular and I want to try everyone.


caramel apple donut from VON in a frame I happen upon on the street

perfect nano sample

“What about the Happy Hippo?”

“What a crappy circus that was. It used to be so … exciting when I was your age but as I got older it stayed the same. All that brought some of us teens to it was to see the freaks or the fellas that ran the rides. They wanted us to call them carnies but they were often a bit older than us and working for the summer and planning to go into the army or back to university. I always kept an eye and ear out for those college boys. Here …” she took the pictures from him and sorted through to a couple of them. “These are of me and Hank. He was already studying engineering at Dalhousie. He kept the rides in good repair. He was a better catch than just the guy who sold you tickets or turned the ride switch on. Not that he didn’t do those things too but he also knew stuff.”

Dan stopped walking to look closely at the picture.

“Yeah that’s me he’s got his arm draped around.”

The young shirtless man in the picture was leaning against a fence, legs crossed at the ankles, one arm around Teresa. She was looking up at him with her hand on his bare stomach. His jeans were mere cover for his obvious cock. The face was familiar to Dan.

“It can’t be.” he said.

“Real? Yeah, he was like horse.”

“I don’t question that but I think I know him. Or maybe it’s his son.” He did math in his head. “If this is who I think it is he was only about fourteen when this was taken.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me. That’s why he liked them young! Turns out he diddled lots of the young ones too. Wait fourteen! Then all the stuff about Dalhousie was a load of b.s.?” She gabbed the picture back from him. “Nah he was twenty. That’s what he told us anyways. Who do you think he is?”

“I’d rather not say anything until I know more for sure. Did you tell the RCMP about his diddling young girls?”

“No. He didn’t have anything to do with those kids disappearing. Timmy was a boy. He sure weren’t no fairy.”

“Who?” Cameron angled in for a close up the picture.

“I’d rather not say.” Dan said covering the photo with his hand. “No need to implicate someone rashly. Quintex doesn’t want to face a defamation law suit.”

“I’m not sure about that.” Cameron laughed.

“This other one.” Teresa brought the attention back to her. “Is of your sister with that Kevin guy your parents was so steamed up about. O’Neill. Kevin O’Neill. I only know because he took me out a few times.”

“The one she blamed me for.”


“For years she said that was why we moved. To break them up.” He took the picture. “That’s my sister but that isn’t Kevin. I met him a few times when she was supposed to be minding me. He was a red head. This guy is certainly not a red head.”

“Red head? You sure. I don’t recall any red headed fellas in our gang that year.”

They arrived at the park.

“Teresa, I think we’ve got enough for one day.” Dan said. “What do you think Cameron.”

“What ever you say. I know Stephane [the episode production manager] will be happy with what we have.”

“You can always call me if you want more. I got some of the super 8’s from then too. Not sure who took them.”

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo





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