Hot Damn! is a neon Hallelujah

Hot Damn! filled the Supermarket for the November slam slug-fest. Even the sudden, heavy rain after 6 didn’t dampen the energy of the crowd. After host Cathy Petch lead a moment of noise for Trans Remembrance the show kicked off with open stagers Nicki Ward Nicki Ward , & musician -C- of imbrown. Six vibrant, energized slammers stomped their way through round one of the slam with some raw, some funny & some political pieces.


‘desire becomes a hunger in and of itself’ ‘sing like nobody hears anything but the voice’ ‘if I can’t see the eyes attached to the fingers’ ‘lesbian donut autumn fresh and maple frosted’ ‘baked our bodies caffeine thin’ ‘when straight men marched gay people ran’ ‘you want straight pride go to the gay pride parade’ ‘I am living in a  system where I’m set up to fail’ ‘it’s not some trick of the light I am here’ ‘my gender is not something I picked up in a thrift shop’ ‘Houdini-ing my life out of a straight jacket’ ‘shine like a neon Hallelujah’


After a break to catch our breath we lost it again to the amazing performance by Mahlika Awe:ri Enml’ga’t Saqama’sgw and Red Slam Collective – in Indian Barbie: her moccasins mocking the trail of invaders, her dream long house; first nations but first class citizen, manifestations and femifestations, two halves made whole in the two spirit ones, I can hear their screams in my dreams.

Mahlika’s First Nations anger was emotionally resonant and modulated to build and invite us in. The collective – two percussionists and a guitarist – supplied simple, sustained rhythms from various cultures – African, South American & Native that propelled, supported the songs and worked their way into the beat of hearts. I loved the flute in the sensual ‘From Osha to Osha’ ‘kiss me with your mouth so we can see Babylon burn.’


The final round of slammers kept up the energy – ‘if you’re running scared you must be a thief’ ‘my heart will only know the stillness of your passing’ ‘yellow is the colour of hope’ ‘burning pages doesn’t undo my history’ ‘crucifix paint brushes’ ‘I text my friends to let them know I’m still alive’ ‘I’ve been riding busses all day just to get out of the house’ ‘you never really know until you try it’ ‘I want you to fuck me’ ‘I don’t want to fuck you it’s too much work.’


Next TO edition of Hot Damn! is January 20 with the sensationally talented & good-looking Dominic Berry from Manchester England England (a Hair reference for you to google).


Frank Talk


separates sex from gender

gender from

culturally imposed roles

biology from appearances

entitlement from race

skin from colour

labels become cures

or become excuses

you think that way

because you’re not



gender specific appropriate



make each of us

unacceptable to someone

not deserving of respect

even of self respect

like Frankenstein’s monster

assorted  bits and pieces

reaching out for ‘friend’

while not knowing

what friend means


a stumbling

awkward monster

an abomination

with no semantic context

the doctor suffered

for his scientific arrogance

his entitlement

that forced him to play god

like any good doctor


I am a monster

put together by myself

I think by myself

unless those

culturally imposed roles

were the doctor

with me attempting to adapt to them

in a stumbling gay clumsy cismale way

gay a cultural context

I was presented with

like the monster’s criminal brain

the body is fine

the brain is at fault

the right body

the wrong brain    the wrong label


now I have this body

it is intact whole

none of the invisible stitching

that holds my sexuality together

tells my brain anything

a body that tells me

encourages me

to be dissatisfied

by an ablest culture

that once hid the blind

institutionalized the deaf the dumb

insisted they be cured

of perceived defects

denied them the the right

the intelligence to say no


awkward monsters like myself

were given shock treatments

lobotomies chemical castrations

behavior modification


to restore the brain to normal

heteronormal that is

those days are supposedly past

same sex marriage

our right to be absorbed

by those cultural norms


suicide is still seen

as an acceptable alternative

to growing up

syntactically semantically  suspect


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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