Bye Bye Cabaret Cake

Bye Bye Birdie ends the stand alone B’s on the shelf: this is the film soundtrack – Broadway looks at 50’s pop culture – the intoning of ‘Ed Sullivan’ captures the reverence TV was held in then (& maybe still now). Happy Face is a sweet uplifting song but it was years before Broadway caught the essence of rock’n’roll music. They found it easier to be snide about youth that do something fresh with it.


Love the no dumping sign

I remember working a Famous Players on the east coast when Cabaret was released. Watching Liza sing that title song was amazing every night – she gave it an emotional undercurrent that was authentic & captivating. I’ve seen various productions of this on stage & always enjoy it. The stage version has several songs that never made it to the movie so I do have the stage version tucked away on an mp3 collection.


Joel Grey was never better, neither was Liza for that matter. Hollywood never knew what to do with such powerhouse talent & ended up wasting them. I’ve always wanted to do a parody of See Her Through My Eyes – for guys online ‘If you could see me through my eyes I wouldn’t look queer at all.’


Cabaret is an lp to cd transfer along with Cleo Laine ‘Show Tunes’ songs range from Lady be Good to Aquarius – she had a fine voice, alto, & the songs are given good arrangements.


Now for something more contemporary – Cake – not to be confused with the girl group of the 60’s (which I do have also). I have Fashion Nugget & Prolonging the Magic as stand alones. The songs are sardonic, sarcastic & fun. More than touch of jazz with trumpet woven through out them. Lyrically adventurous with resonant hipster vibe – several song have used as emotive moments in romcoms. But 2 cds were enough for me of this Tom Waits lite band.sample

Princess Little Red & BB Wolfie

Once upon a time there was a mystic crack dealer named BB Wolfie who found a Magic Marker in the Secret Woods. He seized upon the Magic Marker with all his might. As he danced around he sang:

‘Magic Marker Magic Marker

My call you willst heed

To doest my bidding in time of need.’

At that moment the evil Wizard Narco zoomed over the Secret Woods. His pitiless eye was open for BB Wolfie. The Evil Wizard didn’t want BB Wolfie to trade his mystic crack to the Frails.

‘Okay Magic Marker,’ BB rubbed the marker and pointed it at the Evil Wizard Narco.

‘Heed my call upon your protection

To save me from detection

Let me avoid dire captivity

So I mayst help the Frails

Find release from Grim Reality.’

Small spurts of red leapt from the Magic Marker to find the Evil Wizard. They missed the heart of Narco but one did graze his cruel ribs and another did lodge itself in the Wizard’s malevolent knees.

‘O Thank You Magic Marker. Thou hast saved me once again. Now the Frail will not have to face the Harsh Reality that the Evil Wizard Narco wants to enslave them to.’

He put the Magic Marker into a sacred space somewhere in the  the walls of Castle Tenement. He could now return to the streets where his mystic crack was so in need by the Frails.

‘Well hello Princess Little Red,’ he said to a female Frail who approached him. ‘You have such a rosy cheek and clear eye I see you are need of my mystic potion.’

‘Just as you are of mine,’ the Princess replied. ‘I offer you a great healing. I will trade you the healing power of my body for the healing powder of your mystic crack.’

Princess Little Red fell upon her knees to offer her healing power to BB Wolfie’s most tender place. Gently she reached in and drew the sacred sceptre into the blue light from the flickering street lamp above them.

‘It is a marvellous large tenderness,’ she whispered as she stroked it to its full power.

‘Ahh baby you are the princess of night for me alright.’

Once Little Red had done her enchantment upon his expansive sceptre she rose from her knees to receive the healing gift of his mystic crack in return.

‘Thank you BB Wolfie. With this crystal vial of crack I will be able to continue my quest to release the Frails from the grim burden of silver that saps their souls to keep them trapped in Grim Reality.’

‘Good sister Princess Little Red. You are blessed with the Tongue of Love and to help you I will always trade my sacred crack for yours.’soon

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