Kenny Burrell

I was introduced to Kenny Burrell by a jazz-head co-worker when I actually worked, on the east coast. He had a huge jazz lp collection that he selectively loaned to me & I recorded those lps onto cassettes. One of those lps was The Tender Gender. I loved it.


Burrell’s sound is fluid & bouncy, similar to Wes Montgomery. Tender swings and I always enjoyed it but was more caught up by the jazz-rock fusion than this sort of retro smooth sound. I love the chattery guitar work on Girl Talk. I have that Tender dupe replaced on an mp3 collection that includes it along with Burrell’s Men At Work, Ode to 52nd Street & Blusin’ Around. All fine, tasteful & satisfying recordings. Some live, some with a quartet & some solo work. Tucked away in my Coltrane collection is their sweet collaboration.


To round out the mp3 cd I added Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo’s Simpatico: I love Szabo (more about him when I get to Sz). This is a fine set that includes the jazz classic Spring Song.  Both Szabo & Burrell enjoy latin rhythms so it seemed fitting to include Herbie Mann: Do The Bossa Nova – the bossa nova was a jazz trend at one time. Mann is a master flute player & on this he works with master musicians in Rio.crystal0

To mix things up I rounded this cd off with the legendary Gil Evans: The Music Of Jimi Hendrix – this is a crazed lp of jazzed up Hendrix. I’d heard about this recording for years but could never find it – but thanks to iTunes I was able to get it. Massed tubas on Crosstown Traffic. The somewhat cheesy electronica is annoying but plays such a minor role I stop hearing it. Hendrix’s songs stretch out in ways you wouldn’t expect.


I also have, as a stand alone, Burrell’s Ballad Essentials. A Concord completion that spans his career with a great set of standards: Body & Soul, Blue in Green. His playing remains solid through out but if it weren’t for actually dates on the tracks this could have been recorded at any point in his life.


Body Talk

Oprah:   Good afternoon. On today’s show we will be talking with Duncan’s brain.

Brain:  Excuse me, Oprah, but you are talking to a brain period. That I’m Duncan’s, or anyone else’s, is merely a coincidence.

Oprah:  But surely you don’t deny you hold the memory, the personality of Duncan.

Brain:  No more than a floppy disc holds an identity for a computer. All that info can disappear at any time, you know, but my essential function can go on.

Oprah:  Yes,  well I see, but without Duncan you wouldn’t have a sense of identity would you.

Brain:  Much of what I do is irrelevant to identity. It takes as much unconscious brain power to breath as it does to make me conscious of the identity Duncan. That cognition doesn’t affect my other functions.

Oprah:   So you are saying that without you there’s be no Duncan but without Duncan there would still be a you?

Brain:  Exactly.

Oprah:  All brains aren’t the same are they.

Brain:  Put it in a row of  twenty jars and could you tell one from the other?soon

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November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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