Christmas Express

With NaNoWriMo over you’d think I’d get a bit of a breather. Well, think again. I plugged into the out-of-control sleigh ride known as Christmas – which I know is not a pc thing to call the Yule season. Christmas parties have become Holiday or Festive or Seasonal but the word ‘Christmas’ has become so culturally loaded it offends those not of the shopping or drinking persuasion.x01

As I posted around this time last year ‘Lights Delight’ I’m too dazzled by the flood of lights to notice the daily mass shootings in the USA. Actually I haven’t been able to ignore that – I’m mulling over a blog post about ‘toxic masculinity’ as I write this one.x02

I’ve spent the past few days getting my house festivated – lights up, tree up Thursday & decorated. My first Christmas card arrived while I was decking the tree – in it were a couple of gift cards – one of which was for iTunes 🙂 When in doubt give me iTunes or take advantage of

I do the same things differently every year – ornaments go in different pots, not the same ones every year. Added more lights to the upstairs front windows. Shaped out the old light song he back steps for something more modern, but sadly not as illuminating but those colours are there all the same.x04

Burning cds for my friends – sharing some of the wild & crazy stuff I found to keep my fingers tapping through NaNo. I didn’t realize there was so much of it. As I’ve said in past posts when I flow with the season it moves a lot better around me. It takes less energy when I stop being a cynical prick & I am deeply grateful when it is over and I can get back to my real life.


Wooden Soldiers

I always wondered what happened

to those presents the magi brought

gold frankincense & myrrh

were they accepted refused lost

put away for a rainy day

because I don’t recall

Joe & Mary having a life of ease

while Jesus was growing up

did he ever ask about those presents

did he remember the magi

did he look at the myrrh

and think what the heck

how much gold

was there    a few ingots

a darling little ankle bracelet

did he play with the jars

of frankincense & myrrh were in

till they broke


and another thing

what happened to Lazarus

after he was risen from the dead

is his still wandering around

cursing the miracle

eager to sleep

to dream of being able to die


but mostly I wonder about the magi’s gifts

I don’t have any of my first xmas gifts

my first toy car

my earliest gift recollection

is of wooden soldiers

I must have been about four

I’d found them hidden away in a closet

under some towels

I wanted plastic ones & was disappointed

but I have no memory of unwrapping them

did my folks decide to teach me lesson and not give them to me after all


did Jesus have a memory

the smell of barns

did the sight of camels

make him wonder

where is my gold mom

is Lazarus playing with my wooden soldiers

November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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