Canned Heat

I have a fair lot of Canned Heat – some stand alone’s: Canned Heat & Boogie; The Best Of. Plus mp3’s paired off with Country Joe & The Fish: Living The Blues; Hallelujah; Future Blues; Reheated.


Canned Heat & Boogie: is their first two lps on one cd. The Best Of – exactly what it says. Heat only had one big hit single: On The Road Again which became one of those flower power anthems for hitch hikers. The music is mainly traditional blues – electrified & respectfully performed. Well produced & good fun. I wasn’t a real fan back in the day though. These I’ve picked up in the early 2000’s. Best of … at a 2nd hand spot; The other at HMV or Sam’s. Boogie has to have one of the ugliest covers ever.

With Boogie they loosen the hold of blues shuffle to move into a more rock sound, long loose tracks that explore & are great fun. The band was very popular amongst blues purists but as they rocked more that changed.


The one lp I bought of theirs was the double Living The Blues. A strange, conceptual beast: first side was several studio tracts (including On The Road Again): side two was a long suite that traced the history of music from cave man drumming to electric; side 3&4 was a 40 min+ live version of Refried Boogie – the mp3 version allows for no break in the live stuff. The Boogie, in its various forms I get bored with: a blues shuffle with various guitar, drum, bass wanderings & those ‘lets hit it one … two  … three … times’ stops.


Hallelujah; Future Blues: less experimental & more of the traditional solid with political anti-war material mixed in. They broke up and reunited several years later for Reheated which is strongly bluesy, sweet but unexceptional.


My memories of Heat in the late 60’s, early 70’s – was more about their look than their music – the blues based stuff was too serious for me – I preferred the Hendrix approach. My blues loving pals were more into John Mayall & other British blues guys. The Heat were typical long haired, bearded, tie-died hippy types. The older me likes them fine.



The poster’s were up all over the neighbourhood.

‘Lost cat’ with a bad photo of what could have been a cat below and under that, ‘Scratch is our cat. She disappeared two weeks ago. She is an orange tabby with brown and white spots. We miss her very much. Reward.’

I must have passed five or six of them before I actually stopped to read one. The light poles in this area were covered with the remains of various posters, flyers and diet come-ons. I’d stopped paying them attention some time ago.

It was the plaintiveness of the ineffective photo that made me stop and read. I’m sure the original was a clear picture but photocopying hadn’t enhanced the appearance of the cat at all.

I couldn’t remember what I had been doing two weeks ago. Maybe I should put up posters for that: ‘Missing memory’ with a bad photo of me smiling underneath and then below ‘Scratched out of my memory: What I did two weeks ago has disappeared. It was of something with somebody, perhaps, or it could have been of me walking home like I am tonight looking for something in posters taped to light poles. I don’t really miss what I don’t remember. Reward.’

What sort of a reward I could give if someone brought that memory back? ‘Thanks’, or, ‘what the hell.’ No wonder I didn’t want to remember that my life two weeks ago was just as banal and lost as it is now.

The writing on the lost cat poster was a childlike scrawl. What did I lose as a child beside my willingness to care about anything I’d lost or would loose? Hell, I don’t think I’d’ve had the willingness to let anyone know I missed that damn cat. No, not me sir, who cares? There’s other cats in trees, so I’m not going to let on that Scratch was the one cat I ever loved.

I walked up the steps to my house and breathed a sigh of relief that I had, in fact, never owned a cat.


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