I have this slogan: ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes.’ One of those sardonic Zen-like truisms, that goes along with ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.’ Though, if one wants change, why not replace it even if it is working fine. I have a friend who complains about feeling stuck, though there is nothing in his life that needs be repaired or replaced.clothes02

By change he meant something dramatic – moving to a new apartment as opposed to getting a new haircut. His current style worked so well he saw no reason to change it just for the sake of changing it. I guess this is called comfortable complacency. If things are going well why rock the boat. clothes03

This past year I made some small changes that rippled out into more ways than I expected. Nothing dramatic though. All designed to give me more focused time for avoiding writing 🙂 Other changes were unexpected but welcome. I lost taste for potato chips totally. More recently the same has happened for chocolate. Not that I ate a lot of either but to eat less or none of either is a good thing.white sofa

Small changes – I didn’t set out to revamp my whole diet – it’s good anyway – but meeting go of the things I don’t need frees me. If I want to write more I have to sit down & write period. I don’t need to outline more, I just need to sit down & do it for five minutes. Not wait until I have five hours to kill. The idea of getting up 30 minutes sooner to make more morning time for writing has appeal but, frankly, it appalls but getting up 5 minutes early is doable. In fact has been done. Smalls steps to big results.

Tumbling Dice

I don’t understand

I can’t make it any plainer

I don’t get it

I don’t quite grasp it


I don’t think understanding

is going to make a hell of lot of difference

will it change thing

will it undo things

knowing why may bring small comfort

leave people saying

what the fuck 

that’s a pretty lame

that doesn’t make sense 

it can’t be that simple


as if something simple

was a let down

an intellectual failure

that one should be ashamed of

the more linguistically complex things are

the more acceptable they become

yet in the end

I still don’t get it

if you push me I’ll understand even less

I’ll need to know why you want to know

why it matters that I don’t get it

so don’t push me

some things merely are

and that’s it

very zen

though I don’t have a fucking clue

what zen is


where does it get me

what does it give me

the situation still remains the same

only now I have more information

I’m expected to act upon

as if I know what I’m doing

but I don’t know what I’m doing


and I don’t care if I ever know

it doesn’t mean shit to a tree

I do want to save the forest

I know shit can be good for the soil

but if it gets into the drinking water

it can be . . .


well you see

a little understanding and I’m off to the races

not that this is a question of race

does that fit me into the profile

of ones under suspicion of not having a clue

who bleat about not understanding

while they grapple

with the fundamentals of the universe

throwing dice with God

the only pay out is that

death isn’t going to be put off

I don’t understand why

let’s leave it at that


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