Here’s a big swatch of my classical shelf with my Bach collection which is spread out over 16 cds – some lp to cd transfer, some stand alone’s & some mp3 collections. I enjoy Bach but his work is far from my favourites: I’m much more a romantic. I find his writing too fussy to keep me coming back to it but I do enjoy it when I hear it.


I have many takes on Bach as well i.e. Aledia’s jazzy dual guitars: the Swingle Singers delicious scat work; Wendy Carlos proving moog can switch on anything; Santos with his hilarious electronica takes; Tomita with his more serious electronica work.

Daniel Barenboim’s Goldberg Variations are excellent. I love the Cello Suites for meditation. The flute sonatas are sweet. The violin sonatas make for great car music There are many cantatas scattered through this collection too – they are a fine introduction to choral music and all are a delight. The Magnificat is stirring.card

Gould’s French Suites are a treat. The harpsichord concertos make me wish for a harpsichord in my home – I’ve tried but it’s pointless – it did lead to a fondness for harpsichord based pop music though.

Orchestral Suites: this includes the Brandenburg’s: which are perhaps his biggest hit as they have shown up everywhere & in every musical form possible as I have jazz, pop, easy listening, electroncia versions. His music for lute is sweet but not meant for loud street traffic. There is too much organ music to account for & his toccata is a horror movie staple.redfifteen

More Gould with the Well-Tempered Cavalier and a set of Toccatas. If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the cello sonatas.

Also tucked into the mp3 collections are: with the Carlos: Everything You Wanted To Hear on the Moog; Ye OldeMoog; Tomita’s Bach Fantasy & The Ravel Album; Carlo’s Clockwork Orange music; Moog Indigo. Lots of electronica sound scares – some cheesy, all delightful.blueball

Rounding out others are works by Debussy: the sublime suites Nocturnes, La Demoiselle elue, Pelleas & Milisande; plus a bunch of Haydn’s Flute Trios; & La musica a Milano and DaVinci.


(these are possible endings for the lost cat piece I posted last Monday.

Poster 2

I was putting some scraps into the composter when I heard the mewing. It came from under one of the cedars that lined the alley. I stepped into the lane to follow the sound.

‘Pss pss’. I hoped I sounded soothing. ‘Here Kitty Kitty’

I was rewarded when an orange tabby came timidly out of the brush. I kneeled to pick the cat up.

‘Are your hands clean?’ the cat asked.

I stepped back. Startled.

‘I suppose you think it odd that I would worry about such matters.’


‘I see my reputation has proceeded me.’

‘Ah … just your reputation of being lost.’

‘Lost! that’s a good one. Escaped would be more accurate.’


‘From those kids. Pat pat pat all day. Whose a good kitty? Morning, noon and night.’

‘I have something on the stove. I better go in.’

‘Mind if I join you?’


‘Hello,’ a child voice came over the telephone.

‘Hello I’m calling about Scratch.’

‘You found our kitty?’

‘Yes. I think so.’

‘Daddy someone found the kitty.’ I heard the child call out happily.

‘Hello,’ Dad took the phone. ‘Just a moment. Why don’t you go tell you mother.’ he spoke to the child, ‘She’s up stairs. Hello?’


‘You can keep it,’ he said in a quick low voice. ‘We don’t want the damn thing back.’

The line went dead.

Well, I thought, what could sadder than being found but not wanted back?


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