by the garden gate

I saw a boy

no – a man with a sense of the boy



into the distant sky

the man by the gate

the garden behind him

was ready to bloom

had bloomed

was a work in process

a garden with

a sense of the seed

in each mature flower

a promise to be fulfilled

a sense

that as complete as it all was

it still was not finished

that it would never be finished

that when

that man no longer stood by the gate

another man would stand there

the garden would be tended


by the garden gate

I saw a man

who smiled at me

invited me in

or was it the other way around

me the man by the gate

inviting him in

so that we now had

two gardens

to tend

two lives

to combine

for a time

for as long as the seasons


to allow us the


to share our duties together

to share our gardens


by a gate

a garden gate

sturdy   welcoming


the gate sprung open

and we each

passed through into

one another gardens

we now stand

one on either side of a gate

watching   opening

to those who chose


whose gates open to us

to share

the blossoms of their gardens

the flowers of their time



in the garden

the sun rises   sets

rains come   go

some plants take root


only last a brilliant season

or never seem to thrive at all

but slowly

we find the ones that work

find the ones that last

and learn to enjoy

the ones that don’t last

but we never despair

that the garden is pointless

that it is hopeless

even on the darkest days

there is the knowledge

that the sun shines somewhere

that rain will come

that the clouds will part

they are inevitable

the moving of the planet

around the sun

the ebb and flow

of the ebb and flow


some days a little humdrum

the patience needed

to watch for each little shoot

grow   grow

the tenderness needed

to allow the gate to open   close

the odd fear


there is no one at the gate


we learn to rely

on the gate keeper

even if we are that gate keeper

we rely on that role

to give us a sense of where

we fit in this garden

a role that lets others

see where we fit in this garden


one day

years ago

I saw man standing by a gate

a sunny day

I think it was

he was happy

he was sad

his garden was growing

as well as gardens grow


I was by my garden gate

feeling happy

feeling sad


gates opened

we became gate keepers

to each other

for a time

for as long

time allows


our gardens flourished


not as dazzlingly

as the dream

but as full as any other

as real as any other

as welcoming as most

as tended as most


when didn’t even know it

we were working at the garden

while were experiencing it

and the experience

was the work

the opportunity to share

was sunshine for all around

and the gate remains

the man

who stood by that gate

still stands there

side by side

we have gift to share

and have been given

the chance to continue to do that


This was partially inspired by Whitman’s “When lilacs last in the door-yard bloom’d.” Part of his poem is about the durability of plants while lives around them change. My take picks up on that while extending the allegory of garden to relationships and what we bring from out lives into them.jigsaw

Each verse looks the gate, the gate keeper and the garden in a different way – theme & variation. The first is my meeting a gatekeeper, my sense of attraction both physical,emotional & spiritual. The garden of potential, a garden that would always find someone to look after it.snow03

Then ‘I’ brings his own hopes, his own garden which combines but doesn’t merge – cooperation sharing discovery. Now two gardeners stand at this gate of opportunity. Time passes hopes come and go – some are productive some are not but the garden goes on and on. Seeming success is not the standard it gets judged by.greenear

By the end there is a Zen sense of continuance – there will always be gates and gardens, gate keepers & gardeners – somethings have a permanence beyond our momentary experience & sharing of them.


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