First Day

For the twelve days of Christmas I’m going to post a new, freshly written & barely edited, poem each day – all based on prompts from the Unity 12 Powers:


the proof of good

of spirit

I say spirit

because to say God

summons a set of structured restrictions


over what spirit is

of who’s access is to the real one

their proof is in force

derision denial punishment

might makes right

I’m not here to prove

I have a deeper understanding



of the proof of good

of spirit

I merely want to say

I have a faith in the unprovable

unless my life to this point

stands as evidence

I can’t say what I believe

it is as solid as the colour blue

what shade of blue is irrelevant

the eye perceives

the brain interprets

associations of the past

change the colour of the present

it isn’t even I

in the centre of the perception

the biological function of the brain

is independent of this I

it has faith

that I don’t need to be conscious of

I just need remember to breathe


I have nothing to prove

to anyone

not even myselfhangers

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