Third Day



if I’m optimistic

I’m delusional

if I’m negative

I’m realistic

if I’m critical

I’m being hard to get along with

if I’m agreeable

I’m a push over

if I’m winning an argument

I’m losing an opportunity

if I tell you

what I know

I’m being a condescending bully

an entitled asshole

if I keep it to myself

I’m a selfish obstructionist prick

if I do well

I’m a show off

who thinks he’s better than everyone else

if I don’t do well

I’m suffering from bad self-image

a self-defeating loser

if I’m neutral

I’m taking the easy way out

if I speak my mind

I’m pushy domineering

if I agree with you

I’m on your side 100%

if I disagree

I’m the one holding you back

if I donate

I’m merely placating my guilt

trying to buy forgiveness

if I don’t extend forgiveness

I’m unreasonable

if I don’t get the picture

then I don’t deserve to be in it

if I’m out of here

I’m leaving you holding the bag

abandoning my responsibilities

if I don’t give a shit

you’ll just have to get over it


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