Fifth Day: #Power


For the twelve days of Christmas I’m going to post a new, freshly written & barely edited, poem each day – all based on prompts from the Unity 12 Powers:


I can do this

you can do this

we can do this

what is this is

what is this doing

who are we you

who is this I

what is this call to do

where is choice

in all this doing

can and want are different things

can’t opt out

can becomes have to

pressure from all around to be doing



responsible to the mass unconscious

there is no power to choose

either you are with us

or you are against us

there is no in-between

no way to master manipulation

just get what you want

what I want

what we want

has to be what everyone wants and gets

freedom of thought and speech

are illusions

because no one wants to hear


when the underdogs take power

they turn out to be as opened minded

as the dogs that lose power

freedom slips into control

obedience to any set of regulations




power become the drug

don’t fight it

unless you want the winners responsibility

don’t surrender

you can do it

we can do it

I can’t surrender


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