Suspicion in C


Into the C’s of my cd collection with some stand alone’s: Ana Caram: Other Side of Jobim – I love Jobim and enjoy this simple set of his lesser known songs. Gentle guitar & subtle vocals from Ana, more jazzy than latin & very enjoyable. I bought this for the Jobim and & very happy with it – sexy & romantic.whitechair02

The Cardigans: Life/ first band on the moon. A band that was almost the rage at one time with songs appearing in movies then they sort of vanished. Quirky pop, low key vocals – sort of a prelude to Feist (what became of her?). Both of these were picked up 2nd-hand for about $5 each. Well worth that price. Love Fool is great fun.whitechair03

Caribbean Carnival Soca Party Vol 2 – every collection needs some soca – not to be confused with reggae, or calypso, or dance hall – so many Caribbean dance styles to keep up with. This is propulsive, hip driving music – lots of percussion & songs about ‘get up and dance’ & hetero-normative sexual bonding with hot gals in the sand. Also picked up on the cheap – maybe a buck – so I was willing to invest in some adding some diversity to my collection.whitecabinet04

sampleTaste of Suspicion

I brushed my teeth. Carefully. I had to get rid of the bad meat taste my cavities flooded my mouth with over night. Carefully. I wanted to avoid the raw nerves. The mint covered the taste a while.

‘David. Have you see my keys?’ My Mom asked.

‘Not this morning. Where did you put them last?’ I called back. A trail of blood swirled with the soapy foam I spit out.

‘If I could remember that I wouldn’t be asking now would I?’

I could tell she was in one of those morning moods. I already suspected that from the over powering musky mist she had walked through several times. The mist that flavoured my cereal. Milky lilac corn flakes.

‘Do you remember when you had them last?’ I hoped to be helpful without too much spite in my voice.

‘Yes dear. I had them in the car. I remember parking it in the lot downstairs and … ‘

I wiped my mouth off and came into the living room. ‘And what …’

‘Ha ha. They are right here in my hand.’

‘Problem solved.’ At least she remembered she has hands.

‘Is my purse in the living-room?’

‘Could be,’

‘Could you check for me while I finish getting ready.’ She walked through another quick spray of of the same overpowering musk.

It was a lilac lemon smell that made my eyes water. Even with my mouth clamped shut I could taste it in the air. She used it after a particularly hard night. She had come staggering in at around 1 a.m. just as I was finishing my homework. Staggered in, gave me a beer-and-fried-chicken kiss and went directly to bed.

‘Hard day at work today,’ she explained. ‘Gotta feel fresh.’

‘I see,’ I dabbed at my eyes.

‘Can I give you a lift to school?’

‘No, that’s alright. I’ll be meeting Trevor and we’ll bike there together.’ I knew that more time in the lilac mist would close my sinuses and make impossible for me to breathe till lunch.

‘Trevor? He’s the boy from Trinidad?’

‘Very good Mom,’

‘You two spend a lot of time together.’

‘Yeah, I suppose. We’re both trying out for the basketball team this week. We’ve been practising together a lot.’

‘Good.’ she dropped her keys into her purse, they  clinked against a bottle. She kissed my mouth. ‘I hope that’s all you boys are doing.’ She snapped her purse shut and glared at him.

My tongue darted to those cavities and tooth rot filled my mouth to smother the flowery imprint of my mother’s lipstick.


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