Tenth Day #Zeal


For the twelve days of Christmas I’m going to post a new, freshly written & barely edited, poem each day – all based on prompts from the Unity 12 Powers:


each day

brings new

plans change

so even when I know what to expect

it changes

faces are faces

but faces change

eyes open to momentary distractions

rather than same old same old

I anticipate without dismay

move forward

even in unnoticeable ways

neither seeking sameness

not avoiding it


I may not be one of those

who dash about in hysterical excitement

about what the new opportunity is

seeing the latest movie

hearing the latest album

no longer gets me excited

but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested

there is always something

new or old

amusing or tiresome

fresh or a mere rehash

I’m okay with what transpires

even if it’s nothing

adventure no longer has to be

at breakneck speed

risking my life

by crossing the street is enough

walking past that group

of sullen teenage boys

clumped around the corner store

is enough

being invited to a high school

‘let meet a real poet’ event

and getting up in front them

to perform a poem about

walking past a group

of sullen teenage boys

is enough


I’m rarely bored

sometimes dismayed

so if I’m not gaga

with breathless enthusiasm

don’t mistake that for boredom

I don’t want my shouting

to drown out the opportunity


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