pubic eden cilia


wisps of chin hair

glasses a la skater punk nerd

he laughed about Starbuck coffee

even tossed out a latin phrase

which wasn’t what I wanted

tripping from his tongue

a frisky feel in the dark corner of the bar

made it clear he was packing more

than his uber baggy jeans revealed

when we got back to his place

he dropped his pants to reveal

the creature from the porn lagoon

thicker than the accents

of an entire Brazilian water polo team

balls emu eggs in the palms of my hands

skin was cozy tattooed flannel

his tongue a whispering clock

tasted of unripe apples

his teeth warm endlessly round ice crystals

melted drooling draining

each step of the ten thousand to the temple

his nipples express train rush pressure

immersion into the guttural swamp of gasps

arm pits salt seasoned licorice tempura teasing

stomach muscle dunes

sahara but not parched for long

as we shifted camel humps

burdened with a growing growling treasure

an oasis of pubic eden cilia

savoury basil black fresh crushed rushed

the creature from the porn lagoon

an already oozing fountain

watermelon baby power

his trembling tip lip touch

tumble choices chances escaping grasps

pushing back for more torrent torment

his laugh now clinking unfinished

coffee cups of memory


This is one of my favourite pieces to perform with a rich surreal set of images and indulgences. The guy is a fantasy fanatical figure based on random types that show up in porn. The meeting is real, the latin is real but then everything gets launched into Dali-land.snowclubs01

I love the ‘porn lagoon’ image, the way it mocks the queer male obsession with size while at the same time relishing it too. The Creature in the Black Lagoon was attracted to the body of a perfect young female, who was unaware of it until it too revealed itself to her. Many of these images flowed quickly. silvertoaster

When I wrote this I had recently seen a Chopped episode in which the mystery basket included gigantic emu eggs. The shells were so thick they needed to be broken with a meat tenderizer mallet. The accents come from my own love of accents – thick a play on cock size at the same time.

I pushed the paradox & also the actual logic of the images to make them even more sensory & nearly senseless at the same time – ‘tongue a whispering clock’ – I get it but wtf? I work capture the momentum of sex, the tastes as well. I enjoy all the flavours that flow through here – the slip of metaphor, to simile to allegory. No double entendres but at the same time no actually genital explicitness. snowclubs02

We all know what is already oozing by this point without me having to name it. Watermelon is another of those less that coy size references. I bring things back to the start – the meeting in starbucks for coffee, to those unfinished drinks in memory.


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broken record

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