Too Much Trust.2

Law 2

After the Twelve Days of Poetry-mas I decided to tackle the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green as a set of prompts. I’d never heard of them until someone posted a random law in their Tumblr feed. The plan is to post one of these prompted pieces a week on Thursdays.


Law 2: Never put too Much Trust in Friends 

this happened time after time

she hired to be helpful

giving work to people

who needed the work

then who became restless and argumentative

instead of obedient and grateful

after a few weeks or even days

of her supervision

she asks

why can’t people do what

she hired them to do

all she wants is to be helpful

to give them a break

and they turn on her


time after time it doesn’t work out

it breaks her heart

to fire them

frustrates her when she has to let them go

wondering why

time after time

it never works out


I suggest

she hire people who are looking

for the jobs she offers

who aren’t in need of rescue


people actually trained

to go what she wants done

then leave them to do it

time after time

she can’t stop mixing

mixing social service

with getting good employees

she wants to help

but in the long run wants control

wants thing done exactly the way she’d do them

only she’d never hire someone

who is bossy as she is


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