my dick is not a doormat

my ass is not a baseball dugout

I’m not out to damage anything

beyond this image people get of queer

they slip on conclusions

assumptions made by media

assumptions like ones that hover

around racial expectations

of blacks as gun happy gangstas


most guys are okay with me

till someone thinks

they might be having more

than just a word with me

what would a straight guy

talk to a queer about anyway

fashion tips  dating know how


my dick is not meat

my ass is not a toxic waste dump

I’m not out to damage anything

except your expectations


what makes it more fucked up

is that even queers slip on conclusions

if I should say hi it means I’m drooling

they can’t take the time to talk to me

lest their friend thinks

look how low he is sinking

talking to gay gramps


my dick is not a dagger

my  ass is not a landing field

my mouth is not the gateway to hell

though my tongue is a weapon

of mass seduction


Seduction is partly a response to a slam piece by female poet, whose name I’ve forgotten, that starts something like ‘my cunt is not…’ in which she reclaims the right to to call her vagina a cunt. She plays with the preconceived notions of how people respond to the word and the female sexual empowerment.boat02

Here I play with those preconceived notions of queer sexuality and of how much sex gay guys experience and are even interested in having. Notions that get in the way of friendships with the men, straight or queer. Some the situations I talk about are one’s I’ve experienced.boat01

I looked for images that implied being used ‘doormat’ – that notion that many gay men are willing to put up with any sort of abuse just to get laid – ‘baseball dugout’ – that notion of quantity, after all a dugout can hold the whole (hole) team at one time plus all those erect bats.

‘meat’ is one of those sometimes playful often derogatory terms – ‘just a piece of meat’ – ‘toxic waste dump’ is pretty clear the whole notion of how dirty, unsanitary, evil queer sex is.boat02

In the end there’s the ‘dagger’ – the notion that penetration is a way of cutting off someone’s masculinity, that the gay cock is a dangerous threat queers are eager to use to destroy family values’ ‘landing field’ another take on quantity & frequency – plus airplanes are rather phallic. Finally a slam like metaphor to the power of language & a play of weapons of mass destruction & an echo of ‘not out to damage anything’ –



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