I Listen 1

I don’t remember when I bought my iPod classic. I do know it’s is beyond vintage it’s an antique. Apple stopped making them some years ago, so I’m holding on to mine as long as possible. It doesn’t hold a charge as long but long enough for me.


It allowed for another boom in my music listening & collecting. Just like the move from cassette walkman to cd walkman caused a boom. Then it was great not to warty about cassettes losing tension, unspooling – crying several when I went for a walk plus batteries. The cd walkman was an improvement, less bulk & less turning tapes over.But with the iPod I didn’t have to cart around untying but the iPod. I could have days of nonstop music to listen to wherever I traveled. I have iPod docks around the house – my bedroom, the bathroom.hockey01

I also have a couple of boombox cd players – one with a cassette player included as I still have a handful of tapes that I have never found in any other form. Of course there are extensive playlist on our two Mac – different playlists. The desktop gets used in the morning – which is when I post my daily Facebook link to the music I’m listening to at the time.. The AirMac is upstairs in my study & where I do dos too my reading & some writing. The iTune playlists are mp3 collections.greyorbit

I’ve added external speakers to both the desktop & the airmac. For Christmas I got a wireless speaker to take when I travel with the airmac. I usual pack a pair of the externals but they are bulky & mean I have to decide which shirt not tot are to make room for them.hockey02

How do I pick what to listen to? That might be next week’s blog.


Everything is About U(SofA)

as she was carried on a stretcher

out of the smouldering rubble

of the bombed out London subway

a harried reporter stopped the medics

to ask

‘how do you feel this will effect

security measures in New York’


a panel of experts gripes

that if only the UK had been more alert

there wouldn’t have been a public transit scare

in Chicago LA & New York

why does this worry

about my personal safety

always turn into a tired take

on how everything is about U(SofA)


how can I keep the focus

on my own fears

without them easily slipping into

yet another moan about media

about how we only see the story

that effects the ratings

we have reporters asking

the wrong people the wrong questions

inundating us with shreds of information

that never adds up

that never tells

how to feed the starving here in Canada


that never leads me to a conclusion

except that there is more information

than there are solutions

and if we pile up enough data

we won’t have time to worry

about a solution

we only have to make sure we have

the right bytes of facts

to demonstrate that we are

doing something

information gathering

is a good way to avoid action

as long as we gather

we can distance ourseleves

from actual events


we don’t have to wash the blood off our hands

because we are too busy with digital reality

for real blood to get that close to us

who can we turn to to blame

who can we hold responsible

without blaming those who have the power

to turn aside all blame anyway

they just utter the word terrorism

and they are free of having to do anything

except finger point

from a comfortable distance


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