Bad Seeds & Cabbages

Next on the C shelf are stand alone’s by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; followed by the complete opposite: Chad & Jeremy. Well, perhaps not so diametrically opposite after all. snowribbon

The Cave is the double cd set: Lyre of Orpheus & Abattoir Blues, which I bought way back in 2004. Nicely packaged. Lyre isn’t as dark at Blues, almost cheerful but let’s face it Cave isn’t noted for his sunny songs 🙂 Romanic, dark and sombre. He has a dark tenor nearly bass voice that I find very appealing. The songs flow together & the cds balance each other nicely. They blend so effortless from oen track to the next I can’t actually name a favourite track.


Chad & Jeremy are much sunnier proposition. A 60’s British duo with sweet harmonies, teen angst & nice hair. I have a hits compilation: Yesterdays Gone (bought in 1995 at Sam’s); & Of Cabbages & Kings (with bonus tracks) (bought via eBay in 2004).

Like a lot of the Brit pop at the time they were bigger in Europe & never really broke into the USA market – too emotionally banal I suspect. The hits are sweet with their Everly Brothers harmonies. Apparently they actually co-wrote some of them as well. bluech02

Of Cabbages is a slightly different story. Opens with Rest in Peace – a song from the pov of a gravestone carver (it could be a Nick Cave piece, but not performed with his sort of musical intensity). I had this lp on the easy coast & discarded it at some point – then did a search for it & found it via eBay – it cured me of eBay as the time it took finally get was such a pain.

It is a concept album, different concept for each side. Lots of well placed sound effects on side 1 – the chisel on stone etc. Side 2 was ‘The Progressive Suite’ a sound collage very similar to John Fahey’s work, an extended Number 9. I guess some of it was meant to be a comment on the Viet Nam war but at the time I hated it but today I don’t mind it at all. A sort of brave experiment that was over their heads. It never finds a focus but is fun all the same. I can image how their teen fans reacted to this Suite.bluech03

The bonus tracks include some later ‘hits’ including what some consider their best song ‘Painted Dayglow Smile’ which captures that San Francisco sunny pop, almost social commentary, perfectly. Sometimes revisiting those past memories pays off & I’m happy to have this in my collection.sample

Pie Part 3

‘That what you was arguing about with her?’ Willie insinuated. ‘I could hear you clear to the apple shed.’

‘You must be mistaken.’ Dave glared at the tramp.’I haven’t spoke to her since …’

‘I sees you going in the back door.’

‘She was expecting someone.’ Miss Griffs piped up, ‘She had those little pinwheels set on the table. She doesn’t serve those to just anyone.’ She squinted at Willie.

‘You here for your weekly pies? Or to pay for the ones you’ve gotten the past few months.’ Dave headed for the back yard.

‘Well, Dave if you must know,’ Miss Griffs sniffed, ‘I was here to do just that and to pay her what little I owed her. I knocked at the front door and when I didn’t get any answer I came round to try the back door. When I saw it was locked I came back to the front and Margaret here was delivering the mail. I got her to look in the back window and she saw the body there on the kitchen floor.’

Dave stepped cautiously into the kitchen with Miss Griffs and me behind him. On one counter I saw a cooling rack. The top tier was empty and with pairs of pies on the other three levels. A hand basket sat on the counter next to the rack.

‘That your basket Hattie?’ Dave asked.

‘Why … why …’ Miss Griffs looked around red-faced. ‘I must have j8ust put it down after you broke the door open. Right Margaret?’

‘Can’t say that I noticed.’

‘Sounds like the the police are on the way.’ Dave cocked an ear.

‘I’ll finish up back there.’ Willie said.

‘Better stick around’ I warned. ‘Police will want to talk to you.’

‘Yeah yeah,’ he mumbled. ‘I just don’t want to leave …’ he backed up ‘ … things unfinished. She was good to me.’ He wiped away a tear. ‘Least I can do is …’

He ducked behind the apple trees and in one nimble hop on the wheel barrel he was over the fence.

‘You are letting him get away,’ Miss Griffs gasped.

I dashed to follow, but by the time I got to the fence I didn’t see him in the alley in either direction.

‘The police’ll get him. He won’t go far.’ Dave popped a stick of gum in his mouth.

‘I’d better get a hold of this before they think it’s evidence,’ Miss Griffs stepped in and then out of the kitchen with her basket.

I heard car doors open and shut in front of the house.

‘Hallo!’ someone called out.

‘Back here,’ Dave answered.

‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take.’ Miss Griffs sat on the bench under the window. ‘A body can only take so much.’

Dave stepped back to let two policemen come into the backyard.

‘Hi Margaret.’ One of them smiled at me. The other went into the kitchen.

‘Hi Carl,’ I blushed back.

‘The killer’Is done got away while you took your time. Just jumped over the fence and took off.’

‘Miss Griffs is sure Willie Johnson did this,’ I explained.

‘Johnson?’ Dave looked puzzled. ‘He told me it was Jamison.’

‘Johnson. Jamison. Doesn’t matter which. Willie knows enough to stay clear of us. I warned him that if he got into any more trouble he’d be back inside.’

‘See. I won’t feel safe till you catch that man. That killer. Poor Cassie was always too kind.’ Miss Griffs dabbed her eyes with a hanky.



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