Lʼamour domestique


Lʼamour domestique 

my fridge made a pass at me

the other day

I was in my usual hurry

to get the milk


the door caressed my cheek

pushed me into its cool

welcoming heart


now Iʼm not into sex

with inanimate objects if I was

I would probably pick

my coffee maker

something small and easy to satisfy

the fridge is never filled

always has demands that

make me feel inadequate

while the coffee machine

fills to brim so quickly

yes give me hot and perky

to big and cold – any day


but it was one of those days

the kitchen chairs were

plucking at my pant legs

like over excited little dogs

humping a foot

it made eating almost impossible

I wasnʼt sure

what to do with the left overs

the fridge was glaring me


at being snubbed

in favour of the coffee maker


in the bathroom

the face cloth competed

with the tooth brush

to get in my mouth

until the towels

pulled them aside

to push me into the shower

they needed all my body wet

for the satisfaction they craved

I didnʼt have the moral strength

to deny them anything

they rubbed and dried

every square inch


the sofa was anxious for me to

snuggle in front of the TV

I had to watch

home decorating shows

about getting cute little throws

hints from the sofa

of what would make

our family complete

in bed the pillows

tenderly cradled my head

as the sheets twined around me

hungry for dreams

about coffee makers


For the next several weeks I’m taking a look at my ‘Lament for Anna Nicole’ chap book. In putting together a chapbook flow is important both creatively & visually. I do the formatting myself & that makes it easier for me to deal with orphan lines, to adjust margins etc. I also insure that a poem doesn’t require turning a page to read the whole thing.

Laments opens with L’amour domestique – one of my ‘hits.’ I love performing this piece & audiences always respond to the sexuality involved. The images make it an adult x-rated cartoon. Sort of the Little Toaster taken to another level.whitedoor

When I read that opening line I always get a vision of William “The Refrigerator” Perry a football player. It also references the affection people can have for eating.and how objects replace humans in our affections.whitecloth

The coffee machine verse always gets a knowing laugh as listeners realize the implications of size – the nature of quantity – bigger is better & many men fear they have big enough dicks to satisfy.

I then let the cartoon take over fully and as I read this I see a Silly Symphony of these objects alive and acting out as described. The brooms in Sorcerers Apprentice marching and marching. The piece is almost like a story board for a full length cartoon feature. Rivalry between the fridge & the coffee pot would be enlarged of course. I love the idea of the couch wanting children – of how in real relationships  children or pets are seen as completions.snowgarden

The piece invites the reader into a fantasy world and I hope it makes that world real enough to keep them there and satisfy them, like a coffee pot.soon


March 12, Saturday: attending:



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June 3-5: attending: Capturing Fire 2016 – The DC Centre – 2000 14th St NW, Suite 105 – Washington, DC



June 11 – attending: The Toronto Poetry Talks – 10 AM – Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6



July 4-8: attending: Chasing  your Tale – Loyalist – Belleville


I’ve already registered



September 1-4: attending FanExpo 2016 (I’ve already registered)expo16


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo




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