Your Eyes


Your Eyes

what color are your eyes


you know thatʼs my favorite color



well not really

I guess my favorite color is

a sort of cerise

you know the red of sherry

when you spill it on

an eagle white rug

just as it soaks in a little

I love that red

canʼt get enough of it

though I do really like the impact

of a sudden spurt of blood

on newly fallen snow

blood warm enough to melt sink

clotted crimson

in a thin gleam of ice

that is a sweet color too

or the tinge of a bruise

after the third day

when the blue black is ebbing out

to that green blush along the edges

until finally it becomes as faint

as a finger print on a knife point

or a the kiss of a rose

trodden underfoot in a muddy field

after the police have searched

for days looking for clues

the dark deep brown

of fresh dug earth

or ground recently patted down

to a sort of smooth quality

like skin untouched for a year or so

dried in the corner of a basement

who knew Aunt Sally was down there

we thought she had gone

back to Florida

I love the color of her eyes

what was left of them anyway

a beige blackened

with whites jellied dried

pink rose petals


so I love the color of your eyes

yes that has to be nearly

my favorite color

in the whole wide world


Your Eyes starts a a series of four chilling poems about a serial killer. I aimed for a rather innocent, youthful tone of a chatty teen unaware of the macabre nature of his or her remarks. I love the innocuous way this starts with the simple question about eye colour which gets odd with the wine on the rug analogy.

It quickly escalates to blood on snow. These are things I have actually seen so it was easy enough to capture the images. I enjoyed making the blood the snow so vivid with how it melts as it sinks before it cools & clots.bluebrick

The unease for the listener grows, I hope, as the examples of colour continue to be related to injury as opposed to the sky. They speaker is clearly alert to bruises to be so accurate with the timing. One wonder sit this because the speaker has been bruised, abused in some

I always enjoy performing this piece with the shift in darker & darker while maintaining this naive quality of the speaker. The listener gets taken along for the ride which takes another sharp turn with Aunt Sally in the basement. The narrative moves from the sort of abstract descriptions of colour to a real event.

What does the speaker know about Aunt Sally? The compressed story of Sally being found and our speaker seeing this eyes could be an episode of CSI. I aways enjoy saying the line ‘who knew Aunt Sally was down there’  because it throws the narrative into a whole new direction. Where the police searching for her in that muddy field? redtruck

Finally I come back to your eyes. How safe do you feel now with this speaker. How often has your feeling about a person changed as the result of what they though was an innocent conversation? soon


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