The Male Gaze


I recently read a mystery in which the two female protagonists where hit on by every male character that appeared in the story. No male glance was mentioned that wasn’t raking over their bodies, undressing them with male eyes. The male gaze was always seeking sexual contact.ski2It became boring, distracting & predictable. Sometimes the women were disgusted, then in some case began to respond against their better natures. So I wasn’t sure about the writer’s point – men were pussy hounds or women were ultimately content to be the objects of desire.ski1At first I felt it was unrealistic. Sure one or two times was probable but when every male character salivates at the spore of these women I thought. this is too much. Then I wondered, as the author was a woman, how real is this to women?world1

Do women constantly experience all their interactions with men in this way. Do they feel that the male gaze is always intrusively judging them as sex objects. That even the smile from a corner store clerk is a cloaked rape by gaze? That women can’t be looked at without being objectified? Is this what feminism is about – taking the sexualization out of the gaze?

I sometimes watch men watching on the subway or anywhere else in public. I follow that male gaze to see what they are looking it – often it is a passing woman. The guy may be deep in conversation with a buddy on a coffee shop patio but his head will swivel to follow the butt of a woman passing by. Perhaps unconsciously – part of the male reproductive drive is triggered by visual input. Of course my own gaze can do the same thing – I often check out guys on the street thinking: ‘Yes, No. Bet he’s a bottom. etc.’world2The book I read wasn’t about the politic of the male gaze – it was a murder mystery attempting to add layers to hide rather pedestrian writing – the glances were always either searing, undressing with the eyes, or hungry – please. But is that merely my white male privilege being reactionary?sample


I can do this

you can do this

we can do this


what is this is

what is this doing

who are we you

who is this I

what is this call to do

where is choice

in all this doing


can and want are different things

can’t opt out

can becomes have to

pressure from all around to be doing



responsible to the mass unconscious

there is no power to choose

either you are with us

or you are against us

there is no in-between

no way to master manipulation

just get what you want

what I want

what we want

has to be what everyone wants and gets


freedom of thought and speech

are illusions

because no one wants to hear


when the underdogs take power

they turn out to be as opened minded

as the dogs that lost power

freedom slips into control

obedience to any set of regulations




power become the drug

don’t fight it

unless you want the winner’s responsibility

don’t surrender


you can do it

we can do it

I can’t surrender

until I get what everyone wants



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