Nile Rogers was a hit maker, not only for himself but for too many others to name: from David Bowie to Sister Sledge to Daft Punk. It was great to see Nile show up in recent coverage of the death of Bowie.chair01His work with Chic brings me back to my early years in Toronto. Those infectious beats that forced me to dance dance dance. The lyrics were, for the most part, disposable, vaguely romantic, heteronormative pablum. Even the vocals were not that distinguished. The singers could have been the same studio voices from Musique or Silver Connection. chair02But those hooks were above the disco average. Yowsah with its fun Big Band era feel; Le Freak with it amazing urban yet tribal beat. I couldn’t resist when they come up at the disco. I can still remember hitting the dance floor at The Quest for Le Freak.chair03I had a couple of the vinyl lps & played some tracks grey while others left me disappointed. This was often the case with dance music – the hits shone but the rest would be filler. Longish, jazzy instrumentals that were more easy listening than dance, dance, dance.couch023I have Very Best of Chic as a stand-alone cd. The hits, some of the almost hits. Close to it on the shelf is C+C Music Factory – coasting on the powerful voice of Marsh Wash (as did Black Box) – they produced a couple of dynamic dance hits and then, like Chic, ran out of steam. This stand-alone also brings back great disco dancing good vibrations memories.



His Mom would be furious. Not that he cared anymore. At one time at the first hint of her stack about to blow, he would pull the innocent eyes that were sure to send her ballistic. Now, he didn’t really care. A sitting duck was that Mom of his. Her anger would pop and dissipate into a weak apology moments later. Rarely did it go full throttle into the territory he wanted.

He could trigger her to snap at him, swear and occasionally kick a table leg or push a chair over but never had he gotten her to hit him, to strike out at him. She was weak. Just another foolish woman playing at being a parent. He saw what other mothers could do. Dave often had bruises on his biceps from where his mom would pinch him to teach him a lesson.

The best he could hope for was that the a chair would fall over on him.

No matter, he knew this time she would be furious. Too bad that was no longer good enough for him.

He peeked into the kitchen. She  stood at the counter, her back to him.

Chop chop chop the crisp chop of cabbage. God how he hated cabbage. He could still smell the cabbage when he got on the elevator.

Carrot chop chop cabbage chop chop boil boil next the onions chop chop.

‘I know you’re there.’ she didn’t break the chop chop. ‘I know what you’ve done.’


‘Don’t whatever me’ chop chop chop ‘young man.’ chop chop chop. ‘I try to do the best by you. Me and your father.’ chopchopchop, ‘we give you and your sister every opportunity and all you want to do is’ chopchopchopchopchop. ‘throw it away. Why?’

‘Dunno Mom. I didn’t mean …’

‘You never mean.’ water running in the sink.

He wanted her to turn around so he could see the look on her face. The martyrdom of mom face.

‘I know I’m thoughtless. I don’t mean to be that way. It just…’

‘I know what it is.’ fridge door open shut cupboards open shut. ‘Help set the table.’

Knives forks clink clink clink.

‘Your Dad will be home soon. I’ll let him deal with you this time.’


‘Yes, Dad.’ She finally turned to face him. He was disappointed by her smile. ‘You’ll like that won’t you? He’s going to be home for a long time this time.’

His heart sank. That would mean baseball, biking and stuff that he hated.

‘I didn’t mean to. I didn’t. You don’t have to bring Dad into this. Why?’

‘What do you mean,’ she laughed. ‘bring him into it. His first long term leave has come up. After three years on a week-end every six months we get him for a full year. All to ourselves.’

‘A year!’ he ran to his room.

‘Yes you better clean up that mess you call a room or your Dad will clean your clock for you. Mark my words. Mining on Mars makes a man strong. Very strong.’


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