The Killer Wants To Know

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The Killer Wants To Know You

the killer wondered
how long it took for blood to dry
he never left a crimson spatter pattern
he didnʼt leave clues
there was so much about death
that he didnʼt understand

like how long it took for blood to dry
did it get absorbed
would it slather the surface
and clot cake dry
become flakey then powder
be blown away

in the morning breeze

could it be resurrected by rain

he knew what was released on death
the bowel bladder
abrupt shudderings
that were the price of what he did
to liberate this world
from all these unnecessary fucks
all these jerk offs
who didnʼt see how precious life was
until he would suddenly confront them
in the washroom of a noisy bar
music pounding so loudly
people thought the the thump

on the stall door

was someoneʼs fun drug reaction

but most of them didnʼt know
how long it took for blood to dry
not that he asked them
why worry them with more
than how good is the coke

he offered

then push them into a stall
life gone
him gone out the door
his impression around the neck

satisfying and simple

but now he had something

new to learn

he had to find out

hello stranger


Here I step even deeper in the mind of this killer. Allowing his thoughts to seem almost normal invites the reader to get closer to the abnormal. He wonders about the stuff we’ve also seen on so many crime shows – shows, I’m sure, that have become educational to whole new generations of serial killers.6steps02

I pushed this piece into an even more ‘hands on’ scenario – each piece had escalated the explicitness of his actions. That is part of the flow for me – to start easy – that childhood memory of Aunt Sally leads the reader into that washroom stall. Starting there would have been too much too soon.6steps03

All the forensic references here are from TV. I’ve never gone deeper into them or want to. One of things that rarely gets mentioned though in any crime scene show is what the body does on death – bowels often loosen, there can be vomiting. I guess that stuff is too graphic for movies & TV. So that happens here.6steps04

The washroom stall occurred to me as I was writing this section. I used it to reflect the degree of planning in the killer’s mind. He knows where to strike. How to make a get away. His desire for new knowledge shows he needs new stimulation, that he’s willing to learn to get ahead in his chosen career. Even serial killers need fresh motivation.

You, of course, are the stranger.


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