Onda Nueva #Byrd

Charlie Byrd2bluechair01Charlie Byrd (not to be confused with Jackie Byard) is a sublime, evocative jazz guitarist. Acoustic master of the samba beat. His sound is crisp, sometime stark in solo setting & playing in a group setting.2bluechair05On the shelf I have stand alone’s: Bossa Nova; lps to cd transfers: Brazilian/Let Go; Brazilian/Onda Nueva/Villa-Lobos; store bought Homage to Jobim. Plus his beautiful Christmas Album on an MP3 collection of various Christmas music. My introduction to his was finding Let Go: a live set with a small combo taking on standards (Satin Doll) & Latino (Let Go). His playing avoids lounge but is never challenging to listen to either. This set includes a fine flute player (no credits on the lp that I transferred this from) who I suspect is Paul Horn. 2bluechair06The two cds of lp transfers along with his Brazilian Byrd – great introduction to Jobim & others; Onda Nueva – he works with a jazz orchestra; Villa-Lobos – a solo set of classical work. Let Go is a great live recording.2woodchair08On the store bought’s Bossa Nova & Homage to Jobim he explores Brazilian classics, standard even more some with small combo, others with jazz orchestra. What I enjoy most is that none of this turns into exotica lounge jazz, or easy listening pablum. Polished, inviting and sometimes sublime. If you are a fan of acoustic jazz guitar this Byrd is for you.sample

Golden Light

The Shimmering Forest rose silent from the depths of the Mirror Pool of Dalgrana. The translucent drops of  water from the bottom of the pool formed perfect pearls as they were exposed the air. Each pearl fell back into the pool, silent, swift, splashless.

Over head the first rays of the morning sun tickled their way through the heavy cloud cover. The rim of Shata Mountain was ringed by this constant heavy cloud. The Shimmering Forest took its moisture form these black clouds, the Mirror Pool of Dalgrana took its moisture, its being from these dense clouds. The sun had its work cut out for it each day, for each day it would attempt to whittle the clouds away so its brilliant light could warm the Mirror Pool. Each day it  failed.

Till this day, for as the Shimmering Forest rose it pushed through the clouds in search of true light, to break free from the icy hold the the Mirror Pool of Dalgrana.

In Dim Valley far below there was a huzzah as the peasants realized the magnitude of what was happening.

‘Lars go fetch Father Kialom. He must dispatch a message to the Prince Reganet.’

‘Yes mutter. Shall we alert Fraanklat at the garrison.’

‘No Lars my son this is a matter for God and not for men of arms.’

‘Pray tell me mutter what is it? What is happened to the Mountain.’

They looked up at the glistening light that sent spokes of sun through the dark clouds. Villagers rushed around them in panic.

‘We must escape … ’

‘It is the end of the world … ‘

‘It is the end of the Valley… ’

‘There will be floods. Mark my words, floods.’

‘Mutter dear, will there be floods?’

‘No, my son. These fools do not know the story, the lore, they only know what the tabloids tell them. Now you must run to the good Father. He will know.’

‘What do I tell him?’

‘Tell him the Shimmering Forest has finally rose from the depths of the Mirror Pool of Dalgrana.’

‘The Shimmering Forest? But that is just a faury tale mutter. I cannot tell him such a thing.’

His mother slapped him. Hard.

‘You will do as you are told. Run. Run.’

Lars ran to the Catherdiaral. It’s dull yellow dome a sudden brilliant gold as a ray of light struck it. A gold unlike anything he had ever seen in his life.


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