Lament for Anna Nicole


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Lament for Anna Nicole

in the beginning was the word

and the word was blond

a blond who came striding
out of the sweet morning light
assured radiant reaching out
past the flock of photographers
to bring tender mercies to the world
a blond who hid fears frustration
in the twinkling wink of an eye
ready and ripe
to be a distraction for the world

here is the blond
the unattainable firm force of nature
on every tv magazine cover front page
all pondering the ways and wiles
of the soft hearted blond
who will be next
who was the last tail twist
in the trail of broken hearts

we follow our noses nailed to her scent
this glowing example
of what the ordinary can rise to
billionaires reality shows
who cares about cancer
when we have the blond
a rare creature of fine design

she can invade dreams
wrap legs around broken hearts
lead us out of loneliness

by taking on all our loneliness
in a single furtive glance
away from the camera
a single shunning of the lime light

for a moment

that blesses us all


the blond reeling


teetering on stilettos

from the press of press
the lurch of bully boy interviewers
who want to expose

the gold digger the drug addled bimbo
to show the world that the blond
is no saint merely another

floozy chunky top heavy flabby doll
lucky to be in our sanctifying gaze
the blond gratefully accepts

each slight

by each slight she is elevated


what comes next
what can be sacrificed now
there is no reputation left
the first born has been cut down
the blond has been shuffled off
in a shapeless body bag
leaving the newborn
a wash in a sea of whoʼs your daddy

our father ?
is this the way the world ends

not with a bang
but a paternity test

13step08Now comes the title piece of this chap book. It takes on some of my favourite themes – particularly how we end up seeing the world through a camera lens. I was never an Anna Nicole fan. I paid little attention to her career until the tragic circumstances of her death. But like the rest of her life she was made an object of entertainment & stopped being a person.13step07This was a great piece to write. The opening came to me as I was walking one morning the rest flowed pretty quickly when I sat down to work on it. Various edits were to make the images consistent, to make the flow of events lead up to the conclusion. I did a bit research into her timeline & also for some of the Biblical references. It’s great fun to perform.

As to those Biblical references – The opening lines quickly subvert organized religion to reflect how our culture, thought is still worships, the object of veneration & awe has become something more physical & almost venal. Blonds do have more worshippers – lets face it, that blond Jesus is more acceptable than any accurate ethnic representation will ever be.13step05Anna Nicole, like most ‘stars’ i.e. Monroe, Johansen, – are fantasy fodder – no one expect to bed them but can dream of that – their unattainability is a bit par too their allure. They come represent our hopes & even that fantasy is better than being alone.

I allude to some of the facts of her life – the press did bully her, her love life was rocky, her son dies while she lies dying herself I did see the news footage of her body bag being taken away. There is no such thing as privacy, respect or dignity left to he roy the end of her life. There was child, but with questions as to who the father was taken to dna testing, so the lucky Dad could administer the estate to the heir. The piece ends with a nod to TS Eliot. I don’t see her death as the end of anything but just another news item.13step06Even in this piece she has stopped being a person. I’ve made her a symbol for the seemingly insatiable appetite we have for the degradation of others for our personal entertainment.


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