Tail of the Unexpected

Another of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green as a writing prompt. The plan is to post one of these Law prompted pieces a week on Thursdays. This one was certainly more ‘stumilating’ than usual 🙂


Law 17: Cultivate an air of Unpredictability

I would never do that

trust me

that isn’t my style

I’m not ever going to try it

I know better

so should you

yes I’ve tried many things

will continue to do so

but that isn’t one of them

I know it wouldn’t suit me

not at my age

not at this stage of my life

it would be creative suicide



I’m pushing my own boundaries

but never in that direction

I would look desperate

as if I wanted to seem hipper

than I am

or than I think I am


being hip

isn’t that important to me

I’d rather be myself

the self I am at the moment

not the one from last year

or even last week

I change often enough

without adding that

I’m not out to reinvent myself

but at the same time

I don’t want to be always

presenting the same identity

there’ll never be such a radical shift

I have several of them anyway

some are more expected than others

so expected

that even when I don’t deliver the usual

people remember it as being

more of the same

change isn’t enough

but somethings I won’t do

just for attention

that is one of them


does that surprise you?

you thought I’d be willing

to do anything

that I was a spot light whore

willing to do what it takes

see – I’ve surprised you once again


take 2

he called me hypocrite

said that he felt betrayed

when after decades of knowing me

decades of our conversations

about the spiritual paths we’ve chosen

he was dismayed disappointed

to come across my profile

on a gay hook up site

I asked if my pics

didn’t live up to his dick-spectations


turns out

he’d felt I was above that sort of thing

that I wasn’t living up

to the spiritual values I espoused

he felt that I had been a fake

all these years


I was puzzled

as we’d never really conversed

about sexuality in specific

only in general

he had his opinions about fidelity

which I never argued for or against

even though I didn’t agree with them

it wasn’t an issue

I didn’t feel the need to educate him

or anyone else for that matter


the fact that I might sleep around

it was irrelevant


he’d looked up to me as an example

of a chaste ethical homo

one who at my age

had found a spiritual fulfillment

that lifted me beyond

these mundane physical needs


I said that it was too bad he felt that way

and left it at that

we never spoke again

I saw no need to repair that breach

being desexualized because of my age

my intellect my creativity

is never a good experience

if I have to pretend

I’m not willing to get these needs fulfilled

or that I’m some sort of virgin

for anyone’s respect

that’s not going to happen


take 3

even when I make it clear

I don’t do this or that

men are surprised when

they arrive

I won’t do this or that

or when on those public meetings

when we get to discussing

where this mutual sexual interest

will lead too

there is this shock when I say

I don’t top first date

it’s not that I’m a tease

or set out to give off any total top vibe

I’m not there

to give them what they predicted

what they expect



I spent years of doing that

drop of the hat

drop of the pants

drop on your knees boy

on all for fours


decades of doing just that

gets sort mundane

is that good for you

when I really didn’t care


was I proving my manhood to myself

that yeah I’m a total top fuck

so don’t mess with sir

it became more work than it was worth

I still carry that attitude with me

when you having nothing to prove

its easy to assume

I’ll have a take charge attitude in bed

saying no topping yet

is part of that take charge attitude

I might even say

top me

which seems to be even more unexpected


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